Before the PC room became a culture that can be enjoyed by all ages, the PC room was an enemy of our parents. If you remember the tension, which is like a dungeon from the basement, the smoke of cigarettes, and the feeling of liberation or a small amount of deviations that came beyond that seemed to be attractive. The space of the old memories that I visited after becoming an adult can no longer feel the sensibility of that time.

It was a problem that was a longer memory, and there was no inferior PC room for PC specifications in 2010. In the transition period, which is transformed into a PC café in a PC room, I remember that the standard of a good PC room was a monitor and chair. At that time, I was not interested in the refresh rate or panel, so I knew that the computer was good because it looked big, bright and soft without knowing why this monitor was good. What is the chair? The gaming chair that reminds me of a stiff, elastic, colorful racing seat, rather than the dark and black-offs of the outer skin, was also the leader of This PC room, it’s good.

In fact, even now, low-cost gaming chairs are not recognized. The reality was that it was a burden of fraudulent office chairs. However, this was a story before the ‘Secret lab’ landed in Korea. Secret Lab is a global company of Singapore, which was created by the experience in the entry-level gaming chair that a former CEO from a professional gamer was inconvenient at the time of the field.

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Secret Lab, a high-end gaming chair brand that was born, began to work in Korea by the end of 2020, and not only the industry workers but also domestic gamers became interested. In addition to the advantage of being able to choose by size for the same design, you will be caught in the magic that makes you open your wallet if you look at the products released in collaboration with numerous global IPs.

In this aggressive marketing, the Secret Lab will challenge one more time in 2021. The lineup, which was previously divided into omega, Titan XL, will be integrated into ‘Secret lab Titan EVE 2022 (Secret Lab TITAN EVE 2022, EVE 2022)’, and the size standard from the world is familiar around the world. The name is not changed. It is a lineup created by combining all the studies that Secret Lab prepared to make the product, and the main targets, as well as the feedback given by many users around the world.

It’s been over a year since the EVE 2022 product came in the tory. Since Secret Lab has been aggressively marketing in Korea, I am interested in watching and sitting in a chair of various lineups. It can be summarized as Yes, it’s just money.

LOL’s strongest cute three people who are responsible for my waist! Secret Lab, Memory Foam Waist Cushion Review Shortcut

Ergonomic design, was it really comfortable?
Satisfactory seat base and backrest

According to Secret Lab, EVE 2022 was born after a lot of field tests and studies of global targets. A dedicated Pebble sheet base that brings only the advantages of the previous product, Omega and Titan’s seat base, the edge of the waterfall-shaped design designed by identifying the common pressure of the user, and the backrest that surrounds the shoulders smoothly. All are devices to support the user’s body.

Seat base, which is wide but slightly, slightly on the edge, was very satisfying. In the case of omega mentioned earlier, the side wings were so extremely different, and the case was flat for Titan. As we combined this advantage, I wanted to be a device that could feel both the right tension and comfort. In particular, the Secret Lab explains, It encourages users to sit in the center through a gentle side wing. In comparison, it feels like you have to slightly include the toilet drain.

In the case of a sheet-based edge with a waterfall shape, it is difficult to express as a result of using it for one year. When I focused on the game, I got a patriarchal seat. I just felt that I couldn’t feel the advantages. If your legs are in the right position, you may feel like you’re wearing a bumpy (behind your knees), unlike other chairs, which reduce the pressure behind your knees.

The same is true for improved backrests. However, compared to the chairs used before, the shoulder pain is not reduced, but it can appeal to disappear. In particular, it is one of the main contents of the bent wings on the left and right sides of the gaming chair in Korea. I personally prefer. Even when I took a right posture, my shoulders did not touch the wings (44 cm based on not including the triangular muscle, 44 cm based on both shoulder bones), and when I played a long game, I would take several postures. ?) It was good to sit in the way you want.

There are quite a few expressions of harder than I thought among the contents of evaluating the secret lab. I am one of the very satisfactory people in this part. Thanks to the moderately tense tops and seat, I could feel the balance without any inconvenience.

The most groundbreaking lumbar support system
It’s good.

Compared to the previous product, the lumbar support control function, which seems to have used the most costs, consists of 63 adaptive hinges, showing a fine movement that cannot be compared with other products. After assembling the Secret Lab product, the first dial to cook after sitting on the product is the first dial.

But one or two months are satisfactory and amazing, so I keep touching it. Even after holding the most comfortable location for you, you feel like 2%lacking, and you will look at the waist cushion, which is sold separately. In particular, the Secret Lab’s waist cushion (memory foam Rumba Pillow) is more attractive because it handles League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Harry Potter Edition in Korea.

The most satisfactory product was ‘Secret Lab Rumba Pillow Pro’. When I first saw this product, I felt thin and crumpled compared to other cushions, so I thought, Is this a cushion? I felt like it fits well. If the Secret Lab Memory Foam Cushion feels that it supports the waist, the product can be wrapped around the waist.

Secret Lab Rumba Pillow Pro Cushion Shortcut

Secret Lab Leather Materials is not peeled off! So far
78 kg for 181 cm, the chair is very violent

I personally dealt with everything, not electronic devices, so the chair was no exception. When I watch my cell phone or TV while playing a game, I shared only one strange detail I take.

The chair was often broken as I played the game with various poses (?), Rumored to be broken not only in the previous position. In fact, I couldn’t use expensive products. Secret Lab NEO hybrid artificial leather was no exception. No matter how durable, the placenta was peeled off in a year.

But it’s really the same. It is no exaggeration to say that the new product is the same except for the scratches and some dust from living in spite of the four seasons. I was curious and found a durability test related to the outer shell at the Secret Lab. It is said to have undergone extreme certification of Taker Rotation Platform wear test.

Not only the material of the outer shell, but also the armrest cover, which was always peeled off due to friction with the elbows, and the neck cushions that are often leaned on the neck. If you think it’s a bit of negative, you’ll have to change the taste to change something.

Thanks to this satisfaction, I want to use the fabric product for a long time. I personally prefer the fabric material, but I can’t buy it because IP products that can be selected so much with the wallet situation are limited. If the wallet is a little relaxed someday, I think the day will come again with the theme of the fabric material.

Magnetic cushion and armrest cover
I haven’t used it until it’s broken yet, but…

If you are visually different, it’s a clean design somewhere. The neck cushion and the armrest cover are changed to magnetic, or magnets.

When I first saw it, it was really neat and unique, but I thought, Did you have to do that? However, as soon as I used the product, I thought it was better to improve the more I continued to use it.

Let’s talk from the neck cushion (magnetic memory foam head pillow). Before this, the resilience was a good memory form, but it was a band format. The cushion is well restored and elastic, but the band that fixes it has no choice but to sag after that. In order to put the cushion in the desired location, I needed to get up from my seat and adjust the band.

This inconvenience was completely resolved by changing to magnet method, which felt more attractive as it was used for a long time. Not only that, but if you continue to use it, you can see the marked marks in any form. If there is only one thing that is unfortunate, I want to come down a little more.

Armrest cover is also combined with magnets. It is called the CloudS WAP replacement system. On the outside of the armrest, it is surprisingly destroyed by the gamer’s habit. This point is considered, and the Secret Lab is designed to easily replace the user by improving the existing arm hanger cover by magnetic.

In addition, it treats a cooler-made cover, the Secret Lab Technical Premium Rest Tower, and the cozy and soft texture ‘Secret Lab Flush Cell Memory Foam Armrest Cover’. After all, I was very satisfied that my personal taste was enough to buy a flush cell. Of course, if you do that, the basic cover will be taken for standing.

Secret Lab Flush Cell Memory Foam Arrest Cover Review Shortcut

Not only the material but also the appearance!
The guy who ends up my ass… this is my first time

As mentioned earlier, I use the chair tough. Even lazy, I don’t come down well from the chair. As a result, since I became an adult, most of my chairs have been broken for a year. TOP 3 was the case that the chair was leaned, the armrests bent, and the height or tilting were broken.

As a result, it is the same without broken place. He also says that in Secret Lab, he tests durability through more than 190 loads, durability and material tests. It can be trusted because you can check a lot of certificates on the official site, but it is the consumer’s heart that you have to worry until I use it.

In particular, the tilting and tilting intensity control of the Secret Lab can make the chair stable and floating in the air. If the tilting of other chairs is ‘lying down’, the tilting of the secret lab can be described as ‘lying down’. What is the thing to lie down in the chair? Recently, I watched the LCK Summer in a comfortable position.

A/s of up to 5 years guarantee period
I haven’t tried it yet.

Secret Labs guarantee the product for up to 5 years, and I haven’t been able to receive A/S because there is no damage yet. I will pass this part.

The best chair? No, the most comfortable chair!
A product for the free people in front of the computer!

I used expensive gaming chairs, Secret Lab’s EVE 2022 products for one year, and realized that the message of this product was easy to take any posture.

I am also interested in chairs, so I can find and meet various products. At the same time, you can search for the importance of the right posture or how to reduce shoulder pain. But the answer was similar. Sitting for a long time is not good for the joints. Even if you sit for a long time, periodic stretching is essential.

Secret Lab is a brand that was born for professional gamers who have no choice but to play games for more than half a day. Unlike us, they are more familiar with chairs than beds. If you lose a few episodes like me, you feel bad, so if you finish the game, you will stop, but the pro gamers are different. The more you need to concentrate and need your feedback, so it’s a pro.

My character in the game is important as much as when a professional gamer plays. If you are worried about something, your concentration will be disturbed. If you don’t sit in an important situation in an in-game situation, it’s very frustrating if your hips are uncomfortable, or you will be concerned about the office chair that corrects your posture. If the sound of the machine friction rings to control the height or tilting of the chair, it would be inconvenient to be sorry for the team member or sit in the chair.

Secret Lab TITAN EVE 2022 is the most convenient chair rather than the best chair in the world. ‘Good’ is too subjective because it can be price and benefit or design.

However, the secret lab empathizes with the most comfortable chair that the secret lab is okay to take any posture. Secret Lab has already satisfied professional gamers around the world, and I was very satisfied as a general gamer A who used the product. If you’re still thinking about secret labs, I would like to say, It’s comfortable for any posture.

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