The NBA 2K23 has the opportunity to create secret copies of past and real legends of this sport. To create secret assemblies of the NBA 2K23, you must create your player with certain requirements in order to unlock a special assembly of replicas and the pseudonym of this player. Michael Jordan has a special assembly of a replica that opens the nickname his airiness, but how to make a copy of Michael Jordan?

To make the assembly of Michael Jordan, you must match the position, growth, weight, scope of wings and a number on a T-shirt. The values necessary for the assembly are given below:

  • Position: attacking defender
  • Growth: 6 feet 6 inches
  • Weight: 195
  • Wing: 6 feet 11 inches
  • Jersey number: 23

After the main characteristics, you will move to potential attributes that must correspond to Jordan’s characteristics to complete the assembly. All attributes should be introduced the same, but the potential of the icon does not matter for the assembly of a replica. Here are the attributes that you must have to complete the assembly of Michael Jordan’s replicas:

close shot *: 84
Driving : 90
Dank driving : 92
* Permanent Dank : 68

post-control *: 61
middle shot range : 68
three Point shot : 53
Free Throw *: 77
Passage accuracy : 71
ballpoint pen : 81
speed with the ball * 79
Internal defense : 54
Perimeter protection : 82
steal *: 85
block : 60
rebound in the attack : 45
The rebound in defense *: 44
Speed : 85
Acceleration : 86
strength *: 53
Vertical : 91
Endurance : 92

After all the attributes exactly coincide, you can proceed to the choice of absorptions. Those that you choose will not be of great importance, but to make them authentic for Jordan, select any combination of final techniques, light blows, extreme clamps or negative exposure.


Choosing your Takeover, you will complete the assembly, and before taking it in your career or testing, you should have a special assembly of Michael Jordan and the nickname His Fairness.

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