NBA 2K23 MyTeam mode is to build your team mode through MT currency. To be able to build the best team lineup, you may spend Dali’s MT in the process. Therefore, players may be troubled by MT. When you are lucky, MT can get enough MT through the game. This guide will analyze how to get MT NBA 2K23.

What is MT NBA 2K23?

There are three game currencies in NBA 2K23: VC, Tokens, and MT. Players can see their MT amount in the upper right corner of the screen in MyTeam mode, which is listed between VC and Tokens. The MT function can buy gift packs, boxes, player cards, shoes, jerseys, contracts, and other items in the game. Compared with VC, MT is the most economical way for players!

How to get MT NBA 2K23?

There are many ways to get MT NBA 2K23. Let’s have a look! All the specifics of getting MT are listed in the table below.

Triple Threat OnlineMT is available on most boards, and you can earn a lot of money by playing the game. Winning can help you maximize your income. I earned over 10000 MT/hour while playing TTO.
Triple Threat OfflineA non-attempt mode where you can earn 300+ MT per game in less than 5 minutes. This adds up, and you also get conditional victory-based prizes as you climb the ladder.
DominationWhen you win the highest difficulty level (2-3K in many cases) for each team, you’ll earn tons of MT and get tons of other cool prizes by playing these 30-minute games.
Play the auction houseI’m not an expert on this method, but sniping and resale is one way some people make a lot of MT. However, I don’t know the best way.
Liquidate your collectionYou certainly have a gold mine with shoes, damage cards, and maybe even some players you can sell for quick MT. You can easily earn an extra 10,000 metric tons per week just by cleaning your shoes.
Save your MTIt seems basic, but not spending your MT will make your balance grow as you play the game. That means not spending money on flippant players, contracts in many cases, and other wasteful ways.
Liquidate your collectionChances are, you have some players in your collection who can sell good MT, but you don’t use them. Sell ​​them and put MT in your balance to get what you want.
Take advantage of NBA 2K’s freebiesThere are some great freebies to get NBA 2K22 MyTeam MT. One of them is logging in every day to play MyTeam. Log into the mode every day, and you’ll get free rewards. Get tokens or MT. On the days of the week, you should.

Are there other ways to get MT NBA 2K23?

Finally, hopefully, this guide to getting MT NBA 2K23 can solve players’ needs for MT in NBA 2K23! How to match these methods can not meet the needs of players, so players can only buy MT NBA 2K23 with real money. But it should be noted that choosing a safe and regular platform is necessary.