The Kill streak function in the Call of Duty franchise rewards the player with temporary and valuable teams that can benefit the general experience. So, if you want to know the current alignment of Kill streaks for Modern Warfare 2 Beta Here is a breakdown of each one, along with their requirements and a description of what they can do in each party.

Kill streaks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta

When you defeat a certain amount of enemies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta, you will get kill streaks that can provide you with articles, air attacks, equipment and enemy locations. With this in mind, players can select the desired updates in the menu to prepare for the next battle.

Here are all the kill streaks that players can get:

Death streak Matey Description
UAV 4 UAV recognition ship that will reveal the location of the enemy in the minima pa
Drone bomb 4 A remote control drone with an attached C4 load.
Countersunk 5 A drone that will encode all enemy minima pas (it has a limited range for larger maps).
Cluster mine 5 Speak this device to launch a smaller group of smaller mines within the target area.
Attention package 5 Call a random Kill streak attention package at its location.
Precision air attack 6 Request twin aircraft for a precision air attack along the best available route.
Cruise missile 6 The player will control a long-range cruise missile with improved capabilities.
Mortar blow 6 Point out several waves of mortars to attack a place.

Sentinel weapon | 7 | An automated turret that will look for nearby enemies and shoot incendiary projectiles.
SAE | 7 | Call a trio of jets to launch Ariel explosives in the selected areas.
Toll | 8 | A jet will release precision bombs before turning around and protecting a place chosen by the player.
Supervision hello | 8 | A escort helicopter that can monitor your position and ping in enemy locations before facing them.
Wheelson-HS | 8 | A remote control vehicle with automatic sentinel capabilities
Steering bomber | 10 | Call a bomber to release an extensive line of explosives along their way.
Helicopter gunner | 10 | Players can control an assault helicopter with a turret and air-earth missiles.
Emergency air launch | 10 | Call three random Kill streak attention packages at its location.
Gang | 12 | A heavy assault gun with laser tracking missiles and standard 40 mm/25 mm cannons.
Advanced UAV | 12 | An unattainable orbital UAV will reveal the direction of the enemy in the minima pa in real time.
Giant | 15 | An assault team will be delivered to the player through an attention package. When the Juggernaut dies, a machine gun will fall to the ground.

Looking down on the list, you will notice that some Kill streaks are not available at the beginning of the game. Therefore, players must increase their Rank in MW2 Beta to acquire certain updates, including precision airstrike and overwatch held.

So there you have it, these are all the Kill streaks of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta . As long as you are here, you can consult more information about the game by exploring the relevant links below and consulting our guides on how to get the ON operator, the best SMG and the best assault rifle.

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