Pearl Abyss will participate in the 19th Harass Jazz Festival as ‘Jazz In Black Desert: I’m mid-Jun X BYU Heisman’.

‘Jazz In Black Desert’ is a project that arranges the black desert OST with jazz and plans performances to provide the musical pleasure of the game. BYU Hui Pearl Bis Audio and I’m mid-Jun, Jazz Pianist, collaborated. Live performances were presented at the Black Desert Mobile ‘Handel Banquet’, a global gamer event in July.

Melody ca BYU Heisman and LIM mid-Jun, Jazz Pianist, bassist Kim Daewoo, drummer Lee Dozen, Trumpeter CHO Jong-un, Saxophonist Lee Dogwood (Alto) and Lee Yong-seok (Tenor) will participate in the festival. The performance will be held on October 2 (Sun) at 1:30 pm at the Festival Lounge where anyone can watch for free.

The Harass Jazz Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Korea. The 19th Festival will be held in Galleon Java Island, Gyeonggi-do from October 1 to 3.

The OST of the global box office, Black Desert, is considered another fun to play games to global gamers. The music techniques of various music genres, from classical music to ethnic, rock, and electronic music, are applied to provide points that can be enjoyed differently.

In 2018, he collaborated with various orchestras such as the Wiemar National Orchestra in Germany, the Halle National Orchestra, the Czech Film Orchestra, and the Hungarian Scoring Orchestra in 2018, and won the technology creation award in the sound category at the Korean Game Awards. Pearl Abyss will provide high quality audio experiences by establishing state-of-the-art audio rooms such as voice actor rooms, composer rooms, and poly sound studios.