In FIFA 23, players create their own composition from scratch in FUT, and team playing a huge role in how well the players adapt to each other. A new playing system will appear in the game, and, of course, the fans want to know how this will affect the compositions of the teams. Positional ties should be replaced by a wider system that allows fans to bind their players throughout the field. This actually means that your striker and central defender may have a connection, despite the fact that they are far from each other on the field. This is how chemistry works in FIFA 23.

What is the new FUT playing system in FIFA 23?

Chemistry in FIFA 23 will offer players more opportunities for creating their team with various communication options. Instead of relying on neighboring and positional ties, now you can focus on creating a full team, gaining players from one club, country and league. The official trailer provides an example of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson, two extreme defenders of Liverpool, who dominated positions in the last few seasons.

For example, players may have Lionel Messi as a right striker, and connect chemistry with teammates from Paris Saint-Germain, Argentine attackers, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers. As for the icons and heroes, if fans place them in the right place, they will be in full chemistry. The icons act as two players in relation to their nations, and heroes are considered two players in relation to their leagues.

Fans will also see a new system with three diamonds on player cards. This is the amount of playing that the player can have on the field. Players can have from zero to three chemical elements. Each player receives a maximum of three diamonds, which in total gives 33 total chemistry. Check the General Play panel on the left side of the detachment section to find out how much playing player has in the team. In the same way, you can also change the positions of players depending on their real team duties. For example, João Anselm plays the right defender for Manchester City in the Premier League, but you can change the position so that he plays the position of the left defender.

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