Games that use the selection of players based on skills are considered quite controversial. Modern Warfare 2 has joined the FPS game list that uses SBMM. Some fans advocate a system that can protect new players, but others believe that it does too much to put more talented ones in a disadvantage.

Does Modern Warfare 2 use the selection of skills-based players?

A simple answer Yes, Modern Warfare 2 uses the selection of players based on skills . Whenever the player is going to enter the match in the lobby, Modern Warfare 2 analyzes his past results and rank to determine who else to put him with. Ideally, the SBMM system is designed to make the game honest and enjoyable for all players.

is SBMM a good thing in Modern Warfare 2?

Although the selection of players based on the skills is conceived as a system that equalizes the gameplay for everyone, many COD players and other FPS games using SBMM criticize this process. Some players say that matchmaking can allow too many crutches for low-skilled players. Others pay more attention criticism that this harms experienced players forcing them to participate in narrower and overwhelming competitive matches.

Those who support SBMM claim that he does a lot for to make the game honest and attractive for new players . These players say that without the SBMM program, new players will face a professional level. This can lead to the fact that the matches will become too complicated and disappointing for lovers, which ultimately can damage the traffic of such a game as Modern Warfare 2.


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