Netflix has released an animated work of the Cap com’s Senior action game Animus series.

This work, which is the first animation in the series, is a story with Hisashi Miyamoto as the main character, unlike the game. One of the features of the game was that famous actors such as Takes hi Keynesian, Lusaka Matsuda, and Jean Reno were appointed, but Hisashi Miyamoto in this work is known for his appearance in the movie director Akira Kurosawa. I am.


The general director is Takashi Mike, who is known for Killer 1 and Assisi Ali, and Shiny Sugar, who is the representative director of Fabrication, and Shiny Sugar, who also worked on the Cap com’s Netflix animation Dragon’s Dogma. 。

The Animus series is a Senior action game series with a catchphrase Vassar feeling after unprecedented. In recent years, the first HD remastered for PC/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch has been distributed, but as the main series, stop at PS2 in 2006. It was in a state.

The distribution time and official title of the Netflix animation version Animus are unknown.