For some days ago he has been talking about the revelation of Need for Speed Unbound , next street racing game that would be betting on putting a pair of franchises such as Fora . And now, the rumor of his presentation is imminent, specifically it would be carried out within the coming weeks to come.

For its part, it is mentioned that the game would have an estimated launch on the next December 2 , the platforms are not yet clear, but there is talk of the past and current generation of consoles, as well as the PC itself , but this can change. To that is added that the duration of the first trailer would be approximately one minute with thirty seconds.

Through a report of Exporter at the beginning of the year, it is implied that Need for Speed Unbound will be very focused on multiplayer mode and will have meetings. The meetings will allow people to compete with each other in different places on the map. This would take new horizons to the saga, but we will have to wait for EA of news.

In news related to video game leaks. Recently, the configuration menu for Return was announced, but this would be the rumored Port that will have the PC platform. They even uploaded a video to the networks, if you want to learn more about this event, we invite you to click on the following link.