Of Ballads and Brews: ACT III-Aroma of the Past is the quest of the Genshin Impact event, dedicated to the celebration of WeinlesEfest and the journey to help Razor find out about its missing parents. The event takes place from September 29 , 2022 K October 17 , 2022 At the same time, you can exchange awards of festive fever until October 24, , 2022 .

During the event, you can perform festive jokes , limited time quests of events that reward you with Prisoners, Festive Fever and other useful resources. Be sure to complete them during the period of the event, since you will no longer be able to play them after.

How to unlock the joke The aroma of the past festival in the Genshin Impact of Ballads and Brews

First you need to unlock the event Ballads and beer, fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Reach the 21st rank of adventure or higher
  • Complete the prologue of the quest Arching: Act III-The Song of the Dragon and Freedom.
  • Complete the plot quest Razor’s Story Quest, the head of Lupus minor: Act I-The Meaning of Musical

As soon as they are completed, you will unlock the event and must complete the following festive jokes in order to subsequently unlock the aroma of the past:

  • Sounds from afar
  • The bonds of the melody

How to perform the quest The aroma of the past in the Genshin Impact of Ballads and Brews event

After starting the quest from the Festive jokes menu, rewind the game time in advance for two days (two revolutions). As soon as this is done, go to headquarters of the Livonia knights to meet Noel, Sakakroza and Rigor. After talking with them, teleport to springtail to meet even more friends-and together you will convince Dion to mix the Razor wine for you.

Next, you need to go to a giant tree in sunrise , where you will find the valve and bury wine for fermentation. Then rewind the game time in advance on one day at any time between from 10:00 to 14: 00 . As soon as this is done, return to springtail to enjoy Weinlessefest with friends to complete the event. After that, you can meet and interact with various playable characters of Ronstadt throughout the country.

In addition, you can review the touching video at the end of the quest called the wind returns to Fair brew on the official Genshin Impact channel on YouTube below.

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