The ce of Teen Wolf seems more that of the immortal vampire. Releed a film in the mid-80s, its subtitle in Spanish, with chest hair, already clear the jocular tone of this myth review. Michael J. Fox, on the crest of the wave with Back to the future , pushed much minor film to success. So much so that we even had second part. But it did not stop there.

There is a werewolf on my TV

Already after the first decade of the 21st century, Teen Wolf reappeared series and did it to stay. No less than 100 episodes in six seons (you can see them in Netflix). The comedy w set ide to cover more tension, costumbrismo and drama. And from there is born Wolf: The Movie.


We already had a teer trailer a couple of months ago, but it h not been until the Comic-Con de New York that h revealed the relee date. It will be January 23 at Paramount+, service that we cannot yet enjoy on this side of the puddle (and that h a series of halo that puts our teeth long).

The tone of the advance that h been seen in the Comic-with does not detach from the television environment, so the budget and the realization seem somewhat fair. It will be something that does not matter to unconditional fans, that there will be and many if this continuation h been decided. For now and because of the images, characters that should not be there reappear (we keep the spoiler, calm). We’ll see how they put everything in place. Meanwhile, it’s time to howl in the moonlight awaiting January 23.