Kirk is the new Overwatch 2. Support Heroine focused mainly on team support role, the new character helps her team through a kind healing and fluid mobility. She joins the Queen Junker and Sojourn in the lead of unpublished heroines in the continuation of the Blizzard franchise.

With that in mind, MGG created a guide on how to play with the new heroine Kirk. Including her story in OW2 , her skills, gameplay tips, synergies, weaknesses and advantages against heroes. Check it out:

Who is Kirk? What is your history?

Kirk comes from a family that for generations served and protected her hometown, Kannada in Japan. Following ancestral traditions, her mother followed the sword (Ninjutsu’s lethal art), while her grandmother chose by theSpirit of Reynosa_, focused on the power of healing.

Kirk’s mother, ASA , taught her art to her daughter and also to Heinz and genii -which explains some similarities between these three characters. In childhood, they were close and met several times to learn the ninja art of the sword path.

In his childhood there was the fall of the Ahumada : the clan Hashimoto defeated them in Nakamura . That’s when Kirk lost his father, who was held hostage to the enemies.

Thanks to her mother and grandmother’s training, Kirk was able to learn the sacred arts of each of them and decided not to opt for just one: she combined the two ways to protect those who can’t defend themselves alone.

Years after the sad events of the Ahumada clan, Kirk met Sakura , noble and Rota . Together they formed the group called Okay , a team that tries to defeat the Hashimoto and protect their hometown. Kirk swore to take this clan to his end and free her father.

Kirk Skills in Overwatch 2

How to get Kirk on Overwatch 2?

Kirk is available to all players with the first Overwatch version for the founder package. It is also possible to purchase through the free or premium battle pass.

How to play from Kirk? See tips

Note: These tips are subject to changes and were made by the game analysis in your advance access.

Kirk is a very interesting character and endowed with great mobility thanks to her Step Quick , which allows her to reach an ally teleporting. You should not hesitate to join your team members who are flanking or far from you to heal them, because your cure talismans don’t arrive so fast. Talismans are volatile and can reach other close allies-which are not your priority-so it is better to be close to what you want.

Quick Step will also be a way to escape flanking heroes like reaper , tracer or genii . So have a maximum view of your battlefield to always find an escape.

The Isuzu protection skill should be used carefully as Col down is long. Thus, when it detects an allay near death or incapacitated by rebuffs (anti-cure or the orb of discord Kenyatta ) is the time to use it. Also, it is a skill that needs to have a certain timing to know when to use it, because although it can protect the ally from a fatal enemy ability, the effect is very short and will not last all the ultimate of reaper **, for example.

Kirk is a healer who does not have a specific positioning: often support will be in the middle of fight, because the Quick Step skills allows reaching allies much faster than other healing characters. The team expects the heroin to be quick and tactical.

However, there is one notorious thing: Kirk is much stronger in the advance maps or escort (with load) than in the point control maps . Her Supreme Skill Hatsune Race summons a fox that will give positive effects only on its trail: it is therefore an adequate offensive ability to start an advance toward opponents.

On the other hand, if it is well-placed, the skill can also be useful in a checkpoint -but the allies will be careful to be on the way to Mistune traced to enjoy all positive effects.

Kirk synergies in Overwatch 2

In this part we show a selection of heroes that have good synergy with Kirk and help her in the matches.

Support Heroes

Kirk appears to have the same healing rate as Mercy, so it’s good to have another support capable of having a similar contribution or even larger than her.

Heroes tanks and damage

In terms of DPS or tanks characters, Kirk can effectively use his skills with every1. Therefore, there is no real need to create 1. As a reminder, Hatsune’s running skills helps allies increasing their movement speed, attack speed and recharge time, and because it is an area buff (as long as they stay in the fox-produced trail) can help the whole the team.

Kirk’s weaknesses in Overwatch 2

Below you can find the characters Kirk can suffer.

Support Heroes

Offensive supports will be a pain for Kirk, because she is not able to heal like Moira, Ana or igitte can.

Heroes of damage

All supports fear damage, especially those that are able to easily flank. In the top 3 of the most unbearable DPS for Kirk we have genii, tracer and shadow. But others deserve a highlight, such as junk rat when she flanks.

It is important to communicate to your ally responsible for the damage to the position of your opponents, especially if they are behind you.

Heroes Tan ques

In terms of tanks, there are also characters capable of flanking: we think in particular in doom fist or Winston. However, there is a great enemy that can annihilate Kirk, especially if you are not able to teleport: Roadshow with your hook .

Kirk Advantages in Overwatch 2

In this section you will find the heroes Kirk can be very lethal against.

Support Heroes

Kirk will be able to deny the anti-cure effects of Ana , as well as remove the orb from discord from Kenyatta. **

Heroes Tan ques

Kirk may cancel the effects of bleeding (damage over time) of Queen Junker , as well as the cure prevention generated by her ultimate.

Keep in mind that this guide is not unchanging-being a direction-and that Overwatch 2 is a game that depends on gameplay, game vision, positioning, and also mechanical skill.