[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Interest in strengthening user rights is increasing, with voices representing gamers in the national audit. Truck demonstrations, triggered by the ‘probability-type item’ issue in the game industry last year, are spreading to trucks, wagon demonstrations and litigation due to the recent complaints of the game company.

In particular, while the National Assembly is preparing for the amendment of the relevant law, the government will also support the discussion of legislation, and the system is expected to accelerate the system to guarantee the rights of game users. However, concerns have been raised before the legislation, and delicate alternative discussions will be needed.

According to the National Assembly on the 14th, lawmaker Lee Pantheon (in addition to the Democratic Party) will release a system for guaranteeing users in December. Lee said on the 12th that he was preparing a system to strengthen the rights of game users while reporting the game, e-sports and content tasks. We are conducting research services based on the tasks selected in May, and we are aiming to complete the end of November, he said.

Representative Ha Tae-hyun (National Power) prepares for the amendment to all laws (Game Industry Act) on the game industry promotion, which aims to protect game consumer rights through the installation of game use of the game. It is a content that allows you to investigate the probability structure and probability information of the probability item and make a corrective request. Representative Ha said, We have developed a commitment as chairman of the Game Special Committee in the last presidential election, and we will be responsible for the game policy of the ruling party, so we will propose all the amendments to the game law soon. I will do it.

The government also went out. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced on the 5th that it would help to legislate the disclosure of probability-type item information at the National Audit. Park Boleyn, the Minister of Commerce, and Industry, announced the current status of work and reiterated the plan to disclose the probability-type item information through the revision of the Game Industry Act.

Kim Sung-hoe, who appeared as a reference to the National Assembly, criticized, The Korean game industry is over 20 trillion, and the company has become advanced, but compared to the attachment of gamers or the proportional bills, the mind that companies treats consumers cannot follow.

However, the industry and the legal profession agreed with the premise of protecting game consumer rights, but feared that they could not achieve the purpose of regulation due to premature legislation. It is pointed out that side effects may occur in the process of coping with a law of lower flexibility, not the Enforcement Decree.

First, there is an inefficiency and excessive regulation concerns due to institutional redundancy. Article 21 of the Act on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, etc. There are already provisions of punishment of probability-type item manipulation, and the Content Dispute Coordination Committee under the Content Industry Promotion Act, the Act on the Game Industry Promotion Act’ This is because they play a role in committees such as the Game Water Management Committee according to Article 16.

There are also questions about practical regulatory effects and rationality. It is pointed out that criminal penalties such as the probability of acquisition of the probability-type item do not indicate or that the false acts, such as false indications, and the acquisition of probability manipulation are actually the prison and fines of an employee of a game company. According to the criminal law, the punishment of corporate units should be applied, and even though most of them, it is only fined, not high-cost units, and the actual punishment effect is poor.

In addition to game companies, users can cause inconvenience and damage. Even if the administrative disposition is approached, the game users may not be able to access the game, leading to corrective orders or business suspension. On the contrary, a company that earns enormous profits is likely to take penalties and continue to provide games rather than correcting violations.

Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious in the case of legislation, and in the long run, it is desirable to have a recognition that a company is more profitable than breaking regulations.

An official of the industry said, The top mobile game sales are not a lot of money than other industries. We need to show users to prevent departure.

Soon Young-seok, a lawyer at the law firm, said, In the short term, the profit of game companies may be damaged, but I think that the game must solve the probability-type item problem in order to make a bigger leap as a complex of art and industry. However, punishment is the last means, so it is necessary to be cautious.