Toby Department store ikebukuro Hon ten will hold the 2nd Show Retro World Exhibition from Thursday, October 20.

In this event, we will develop a nostalgic that people in their 40s and over feel obsessed as a child. In recent years, the Show Retro boom has continued among the younger generations, and the second one will be held following the popular 1st.

This time, Space Invader, which became a social phenomenon in the 1970s and 1980s, can now be played in rare table-type housings and stand-type housings. In addition, a supercar Lamborghini Mira that caused a large boom will be exhibited, and you can take photos.

As a Show gourmet, you can enjoy Navajo Broadway specialty, giant 8-stage soft ice cream, pudding Ara mode, nostalgic school lunch, and children’s lunch.

Furthermore, we will also exhibit and sell citipopop illustration prints by Seize Watts, City Pop and Show Kayo records, cartoons, Japanese movies, and drama scripts that represent Show, which are famous for the Heart Cocktail, which dominated the world in the 1980s. 。

◆ 2nd Show Retro World Exhibition exhibition / Sales list

■ Lamborghini Mira (supercar) commemorative photo available

■ Soft ice cream oversized [Daily Chico] (1,000 yen (tax included))

■ Soft cream-style copper with plenty of fresh cream [Handmade deli and bread café cocoa] (756 yen (tax included)) Limited to 60 points each day

■ Pudding Ara Mode Royal Road Fruit [Imago Fruit Factory] (1,430 yen (tax included)) 150 points for each day only

■ Pudding Ara Mode [Marion Crêpe] (700 yen (tax included)) 50 points to be sold each day

■ Delicious lunch Meet sauce set [Nihonbashi China] (1,320 yen (tax included)) Limited quantity

■ Tiramisu Special [Italian shaved ice ricotta] (1,650 yen (tax included)) 30 points each day

■ Children’s lunch in Show that adults can enjoy [Nihonbashi Sat] (1,473 yen (tax included))

■ Cream soda [Nihonbashi Sat] (660 yen (tax included))

■ Sandwich with Mimi in Show [Imago Fruit Factory] (303 yen (tax included))

■ Mask melon Shake [Imago Fruit Factory] (1,100 yen (tax included))

■ City Pop Graphic Watts Seize HEART VACATION Medley print (110,000 yen (tax included))

■ Records LP From 1,000 yen (tax included) / Single 500 yen (tax included) [Music Garden]

■ Manga representing Show [Hanamegane Skokie]

■ Japanese movies / drama goods / script [Shiva Hobo] ■ Various Provide [Marcelo]

■ From 220 yen (tax included) in Show stationery [Okayama general store]

■ Show Retro Miscellaneous Goods 220 yen (tax included) [Nyanza]

The 2nd Show Retro world exhibition will be held at the Toby Department store ikebukuro Main Store 8th floor event from October 20 (Thu) to 25 (Tue), 2022.