[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 17th that it opened the ‘Riding GS’ virtual world implemented as a GS Retail (CEO Her Yeon-soo) theme at its meta-bus platform ‘Maple Story World’.

‘Riding GS’ World, which was released in this cooperation, is a virtual space where you can experience the representative brand of GS Retail. Nixon’s representative intellectual property rights (IP) ‘Maple Story’ concept will be reborn, GS The Fresh and Yogi yo Store.

The user can experience the process of receiving orders and delivering products by becoming a ‘Riding GS’ and a ‘Riding GS’, a quick commerce platform of GS25 in the virtual world. The GS25 product ideal world cup, which is in the form of a tournament, can vote for the preferred product among the familiar foods of the GS25 and check the popularity.

Nixon celebrates this alliance, and when you clear all four missions in ‘Riding GS’, a triangular gimbap-shaped GS25 character ‘Sam Kim’ will be presented. After completing the mission, enter the promotional code from the ‘Riding Delivered Gin App’, complete a new subscription and training to perform two delivery, and pay 10,000 won to the connected account. In addition, the company plans to continue to add content and events to ‘Riding GS’ world through future updates.

Through this, Nixon aims to build a meta bus ecosystem where content in Tapestry World is linked to the real reality beyond the virtual world and can be actively interacted by various users on the platform.

Meanwhile, GS Retail released an app with the same name as our neighborhood GS ‘virtual world, which opened in Maple Story World. ‘Our neighborhood GS’ app is an integrated application that encompasses existing apps such as GS25, GS The Fresh, The Pop and DIL.