On Thursday (13) the maintenance of Overwatch 2. All due to problems with ping. Players could not play a quick or competitive game without seeing their opponents duplicate or the frames constantly falling. After the correction we were also informed that OW2 will not be balancing the heroes until season two .

Patch notes October 13 and date of the next big update

The next major balancing and content update is scheduled for October 25, 2022 . This coincides with the beginning of the Halloween event. Check out the October 13th Patch Note:


  • Fixed a problem with the console report interface,
  • Fixed a PlayStation problem involving the inability to buy other store items after reimbursing an item.
  • Fixed a problem where Legacy Credits were not the standard coin selected for purchases at Hero Gallery.
  • Fixed a bug in which some heroic emotes/poses were blocked and placed for sale incorrectly.
  • Fixed the items in the heroes’ gallery that could not be bought.
  • Fixed a problem with viewer options and enhanced click response on this menu.
  • Fixed a problem where store images were displayed at low resolution on some platforms.
  • Fixed a problem where the entire client seemed blurry.
  • Fixed a problem with heroes unlock challenges increasing in total chaos.
  • Fixed the system malfunction challenge not increasing correctly.
  • Classy flex and flex your power challenges that did not progress when in group.
  • Fixed a bug where some challenges were not displayed correctly during the end of the game.
  • Fixed a problem that leaving the conflict could cause the progress of challenges to be lost.
  • Fixed a problem in which to set the rendering scale for any value would result in graphic corruption.
  • Fixed a problem where the field depth remained active during the game and made your screen blurred.
  • Fixed a camera positioning problem in captured highlights.
  • General stability updates


  • Many players had a very low rating during the first week of Overwatch 2, so we are implementing an increase as players continue to play for those affected by this problem.
  • Players with a very low classification may feel that they are stuck in this classification. In the future, players must be able to climb the classification in their first classification update, assuming that they are higher based on performance.
  • Players who have not been classified will not have this problem after this patch.


  • Mumbai and Necropolis were returned to their maps of maps.


Kenyatta *: No more bonus attack speed beyond Kirk’s final bonus.
Kirk *: Fixed a problem where the achievement Okay was inaccessible + corrected a bug with Swift Step that could cause the player to be placed under the ground in some cases.

What are developers currently working today?

In the official blog, Blizzard reported on the topics that became priorities for OW2 teams after correcting the status of servers, queues and other connection errors. Of course, they noticed that some heroes on the list were more powerful than others, but that seems to adapt to them, and therefore they do not plan any balancing except Zara (and the bugs of Bastion and Torsion, is clear). Moreover, we will have to wait for season 2, where a series of balancing changes is planned.

A future adjustment for Genii?

In competitive mode, Blizzard has identified some popular compositions such as Genii and Sojourn . In addition, the Cyborg ninja is very closely observed by developers because they do not want him to dominate the field.

We will be watching Genii carefully throughout the season to ensure that he does not master the competition, and we can make some adjustments in season two.

The other heroes that Blizzard is watching

Shadow * is also being observed and should receive some balance in season 2 compared to how long your hack ability is blocked,
Symmetry and TORSION : They have the highest victory rates at certain levels. When we consider modifying them, we need to keep in mind the scenario of the rest of the heroes list. For example, if Genii is modified and perhaps played less, these heroes may be less successful and need not be changed.
Kirk : It is the support heroine that survives longer on the field thanks to your teleportation ability. We are following her performance in the weeks before the Overwatch League playoffs next month.

About the bad ranking of some players

Our team would like to apologize for classifying many very low players during the first week of Overwatch 2. We found a bug that affected players’ skill classifications, which contributed to many players to be placed in onze 5 when they should have been placed taller.

Many players were indeed subclassified and, to counterbalance this, Blizzard has implemented an increase in classification so that the players involved can more easily reach the correct initial classification. Today, the problem has been corrected and the new players who start competitive games will have no worries. (If fell onze 5 is normal then).