The Sega Some Group has released a integrated report in the fiscal year ending March 2022. In the fiscal year ending March 2022, it was announced that the entertainment content business centered on games has increased the number of ordinary profits of 36.8 billion yen, exceeding the target of 25 billion yen, and has revealed its future policy.


Until the fiscal year ending March 2024, the company’s long-term goal is to increase the profit base due to global branding of existing IPs and promote investment for global players, and will scale globally by the fiscal year ending March 2026. They aim to create the title SUPER GAME.

As a globalization of existing IPs, out of the 7.22 million units sold in the Persona 5 series worldwide, the overseas sales ratio is 77%, and the Sonic film hits have been listed.

In the report, the cumulative number of IPs, which is the source of the value creation of Sega, has been announced, and 25 million in the popular Football Manager series, which is more than 40.4 million in the TOTAL WAR series and overseas. Books above are published. In the Sonic series, the cumulative number of units is over 151 billion.

Expectations are expected for Sonic Frontier, which is about to be released, and large titles that scale globally envisioned by the company.