The FPS Action Adventure Expected Expectation, Atomic Heart, will be released soon. Atomic Heart Developer Mad fish will screen the video on November 2 at 9 pm on the official YouTube channel of the game media. (link)

Atomic Heart, which was published by Focus Entertainment, was noted for its retro fuse styles, high quality graphics, combat systems using superpowers and weapons, and original worldviews, but since 2018, fans ‘fans’ fans The originality was also great.


It was scheduled to be released throughout the year until the summer of 2022, but it seems to be delayed in early 2023. In September, Publisher Focus Entertainment said in an official blog post, which announced a contract with Mart Fish, Atomic Heart, which was originally planned to be released yearly, is scheduled to come out this winter.

Atomic Heart is an SF RPG set in the 1955 parallel world in the Soviet Union. Soviet genius scientist Senora invented the polymer of all-round substances in the 1930s, and thus developing robotics and AI technologies dramatically. Later, World War II broke out, and the Soviet Union won the Nazi Germany in 1941 thanks to polymer technology.

Since then, the Soviet Union has succeeded in recovering rapidly with the automation of polymer-based industries, and becomes a superpower, and Dr. Eugenol has invented the network technology The Collective, which can control robots in human spirit. However, it is a story that occurs when the incident occurs in a relevant secret research facility just before the collective is in operation, and the protagonist is dispatched for the investigation.

The game will be released on platforms such as PCs, PS5, Xbox Series X/S. Some foreign sources expect the release date on February 21, 2023, with the claim that they have obtained leaked information, but this has not been confirmed as an official channel.