The Steam version of the cheesecake dev‘s simulator Internet Café Simulator is being distributed for free for a limited time until 21:00 on November 7, Japan time on the 10th anniversary Fanatical.

This work is a simulation game where you can create an Internet café from 1 and run it. At the time of writing, 74 % of 6,954 reviews were highly evaluated at the time of writing.

The goal is to place customers such as games, personal computers, and food and beverage corners, call customers, and expand their profits, but the location of the store seems to be quite insecure. Sanctions with a bat will be sanctioned to customers who steal the store facilities calmly or accessing a shady site, or visits who are not customers. In addition, for maintaining and expanding the store, it is possible to dye the wrongdoing of illegal cryptocurrency mining. Steal the eyes of the police coming to the patrol, get a lot of money, and aim for the Internet café chief.

The free distribution of Internet Café Simulator will be until 21:00 on November 7, and you will need to accept the newsletter from Fanatical to receive the code. In addition, Internet Café Simulator 2, which evolves this work further and can be thrown into the store, is also on sale.