Atomic Heart, called by many Russian bios hock (users have not invented, it is an influence declared by developers), a jug of cold water poured on us once again postponing its launch. Its distributor, Focus Entertainment , appealed to the usual phre with minimal variations that are usually said in these ces, that is, it goes to an indeterminate date between December and March to offer a world-cls product.

We do not know if the current war conflict h had something to do with the delay that accumulates Sunfish , although from Meditation we always respect extra time if this benefits the workers, which on limits usually suffer the well-known crunch.

more than five years with long teeth


Announced in 2017, Atomic Heart is one of those games that, tremendously calling attention to its proposal and an overwhelming graphic level, are expected with more desire than more humble in pretensions. From the beginning he made us jump from the chair with that particular vision of a Soviet Union of the 50s psed through the clsical SCIFI sieve.

Got by drop but without ever closing all the tap, we have been arriving trailers and gameplay that kept the flame. And what if they have succeeded again and again! you can check for the lt video they have releed from IGN and that we leave you next, it is this time the fight with a boss that jumps to the ring with forcefulness. You can almost feel the danger that emanates from your aggressiveness.

you can see, the game continues to look like a scandal. With the expectations once again for the clouds, it only remains to wait for a definitive date to grab. A red line in the calendar that is increingly approaching we start days of the almanac.