Ray Tracing has become the most characteristic technology of this generation. Thus, many were surprised when Halo Infinite and forza Horizon 5 lacked this during their PC launch a year ago. Fortunately, This will change shortly .

To begin, Ray-Training will first reach _Fora Horizon 5,and will be on November 8 Through an update give us access to this PC technology. Here four graphic options will be presented, and they will force us to raise the quality of the RT to ultra or extreme to enjoy their graphic improvements in the races and free mode. Along with this, it has been mentioned that only our car will have the characteristic reflections.

On the other hand, Ray-Training will reach Halo Infinite until the beginning of the third season of the game, that is, until March 2023 . Here, computer users will witness this graphic improvement in Arena and Big Team Battle modes, where they will have the opportunity to admire changes in lights and shadows.

Remember, Ray-Training will reach Fora Horizon 5 on November 8, and at the end of infinite_ in March 2023, both cases is only for PC . In related issues, Xbox Marketing Vice President wants to play god of War: Ragnarök. Similarly, Xbox Series X | s rises price.