Susan and Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency will hold the 4th Susan e-sports talk show at the Susan e-sports stadium from 6 pm on the 9th.

Susan e-sports talk show is a communication program that invites e-sports industry workers to share the trends of e-sports industry to citizens. On-off lines can be invited and answer, and you can solve questions about the e-sports’ industry. It will be held five times this year, and has been held three times so far.

At the 4th Talk Show this year, Kim Monsoon, head of the e-sports game team, who works in Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong, will give a lecture on the future of the global e-sports market and the club. Talon esports was founded in 2017 and has won the Overwatch Concordant Pacific Championship for three years from 2018 and the League of Legends Pacific Championship Series in 2021 and 2022.


In the first part, Kim Monsoon will give a lecture on the specificity and advantages and disadvantages of the global e-sports game team based on Talon esports. Part 2 explains the role of the head of the esports and the Talon esports, the Southeast Asian e-sports market.

Chung Moonshot, director of the Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency, said, In the fourth talk show, you can hear stories about the e-sports industry crossing the border. We will try to make esports talent on the global stage.

The 4th Susan e-Sports Talk Show will be applied for offline participation on the official website of Susan e-sports stadium. Participation fee is free, and 50 people are on a first-come, first-served basis. Susan e-sports stadium official YouTube channel is also available for real-time watching and questions.