It seems that Sony h unintentionally revealed the terms of the Final Fanty XVI exclusivity agreement. In a new announcement that explains how the Dual sense will take advantage of the games that will arrive at PlayStation 5 in the coming months, the title of Square Enix appears accompanied by a small print clarification: exclusive of PS5 for 6 months . Taking into account that until now we knew only from their versions for PS5 and PC, it opens much more than a door for the hope of those who want to see FF XVI in Xbox consoles and who knows if even Nintendo Switch (via cloud, evidently).


For spoken will also be temporary exclusive

It is not the only secret with which Sony h left the tongue . Immediately after Final Fanty XVI, in the announcement appears For spoken, another of the exclusive Square Enix for PlayStation 5 with which exactly the same happens. In small print you can read that For spoken will only be temporary exclusive of PS5 until February 23, 2025 . That is, where appropriate, the agreement will lt two years, four times more than that of Final Fanty XVI.

Nor should we surprise us too much that these kinds of data on FF XVI are going out to the fore. Hiroshi Sakai, the game director, h clarified in a recent interview that its developed is completed in 95% and that we should have start date before the end of the year (Everything points to what will be in The Game Awards 2022, on December 8). Moreover, Sakai until it jokes that will not be launched in summer, but before (May, early 2023? The project paints better with each new detail that comes out of it (in the lt hours until Its duration and difficulty have been confirmed), so the more people enjoy it and the sooner it comes out, for us almost better.