The launch of Scarlet and Violet Pokémon approaches quickly, and it seems that the license fans are eager to immerse themselves in the Pale region to discover all the new creatures that inhabit there. It is not for less: an open world that can explore up to four players, new gyms and three new initials so adorable that we wonder how we are going to choose only one.

In summary, all Pokémon’s usual ones are ready to try the next work and, although we suspected that the amount of reservations was going to be quite high, We do not imagine that it would be so much!

¡pokémon scarlet and violet are already beating records!

While it has not yet been released, the next nintendo license game is already achieving true feats. The information comes to us with a Twitter user with the name of [email protected]__ who recently analyzed the amount of advance orders within a Japanese chain specialized in video games called Come. To be even more precise, the analyst studied the figures of the fourteen Come stores located in a particular region, that of Niagara. Although the latter are in a province that does not include the capital, are fully representative of the japanese market.

If we are so interested in this chain of stores, it is because it has just registered monumental figures for scarlet and violet Pokémon: More than 1,200 orders early 13 days after the game’s release. From the country by the user in question, this represents more than 1.2 million advance orders.

In addition to all this, they have broken the Pokémon game with more anticipated orders on Switch , as well as Switch production with more early orders 14 days before its launch . In comparison and two weeks before their sale to the public, the other Nintendo Switch games had registered lower figures:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons -434
Platoon 3 -497
Smash Ultimate -641


What could be the cause of so much enthusiasm?

The reasons can be multiple, but many are inclined to the new generation of Pokémon . In recent months, The Pokémon Company teams have gradually reveal new creatures.


As you have understood, the company keeps the suspense gradually communicating information about this next work now than expected. After the launch of Pokémon Legends: Areas at the beginning of the year, the new project of The Pokémon Company will allow players to find a more classic system with the presence of gyms, splashed with new features that we are all looking forward to discovering.