Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 deposits a good part of its post-lamination muscle in the multiplayer. The search to unlock accessories and camouflages plays a fundamental role in the progress of your profile. Not only talking about the mode itself, but thinking above all facing the launch of War zone 2.0 , available from November 16 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Therefore, we review what are the best ways to get experience quickly possible.

The best methods to get experience in Modern Warfare 2

One of the tricks most used by the community in these first weeks of play is related to vehicles of Land war and invion . When piloted by an enemy, every time you do damage you will get a small portion of experience continuously. The key is to carry the contusion mine in the equipment, available in the field improvement menu.

When you are on an enemy vehicle, relee the mine and once activate you will get thousands of experience points . When the process is finished: it reappears in an allay helicopter, jumps in parachute, lands on the roof of an enemy vehicle and throws the mine. If you are trying to raise the levels of a weapon you must keep in mind that you will add experience that you have in your hands at the time of receiving the points.

Stay with that lt key. Now go to the Low confirmed mode . Put in the event that you are looking to raise the levels of weapons difficult the knife, the personal shield or the launches: create equipment with excess media advantage, which allows you to carry two main weapons at the same time. Kill an enemy with your usual weapon and go to collect the sheet with the high school you want to use to improve it. You can reach the lt level without making a single death.