Sunfish, which develops Atomic Heart, has released a video of the Soviet Union’s history in the parallel world, which is the stage of the story, through IGN FIRST by overseas media IGN.

According to the video, the Soviet Union in the world of this work has made remarkable technical progress in the first half of the 20th century due to the invention of a miracle substance known as Polymer. The Facility 3826, a research institute, which was operated by Professor DMITRY SERVICE TECHNO, a Soviet Medical Academy of Medicine, to enter other planets.

Professor Techno, a robot engineering, developed a portable low-temperature nucleus fusion furnace and succeeded in practical use of automatons in the middle of 1940. In 1950, we started developing a 2.0 version of Thought, a system that synchronizes human consciousness and robot operating system. However, in 1955, a serious system disorder caused a robot rebellion, causing the institute to become a sea of blood. From this, the story of the main character Atomic Heart is the main character, Atomic Heart, where Sergey Michael, a veteran P-3, who was ordered by Professor Techno for the collision of the situation.

In the video, there are some other characters in the video. The ballerina-style robot that appeared in the trailer was TWINS, which was created as a bodyguard by Professor Techno, and met a former assistant to Professor Techno, a former assistant to Professor Techno, and a person such as Vice-General Michael Stockhausen. It is said that stories related to the Soviet Union will develop.

Atomic Heart will be released on Windows (Steam) and overseas PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X/S/Xbox One on February 21, 2023.