Publisher’s Squash Games announced on November 10 that it will release Arena Tower-THE TOWER OF CHILDREN- in the information program Indie World on January 19. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. A free demo version is currently being distributed on Steam.

Arena no Tower-THE TOWER OF CHILDREN- is a deck-built survival adventure game. The stage is the endless tower at the end of the world. The children live on the tower. They live on the harsh tower, and go on an adventure going down the tower to live and become a paradise on the ground.

The battle with the enemy appearing in the tower proceeds using a card. This is the shape of a card that corresponds to each action, such as attacks and defense. Since the next action of the enemy is displayed, it is important to judge to defend according to the enemy’s attack. If you don’t have a card you want to use in your hand, you can shuffle and recover your hand.

The battle using these cards progresses in real time, not turn-based. By guarding the opponent’s attack in a timely manner, the battle is advantageous while using the mechanism that loses the opponent’s posture and increases the damage by using a sword card repeatedly. The 20 children have decks and passive skills, and more than 70 types of cards appear. It is said that tactics change diverse depending on the jobs and combinations of these children. There may be situations where you are forced to go on an adventure or collect food and turn it back.

This work was announced in September 2021 as a support title for the developer support community Squash Game Creators CAMP operated by Squash Games. Initially, only PCs (Steam) were supported, but this time the new Nintendo Switch version was announced. The development of this work is the last α of a Japanese game company. The director is Too IKEA of Lollipop Chainsaw, and the character design is Mask NATO, the author of the manga Ruridragon.

Arena no Tower-THE TOWER OF CHILDREN- will be released on January 19 for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch. The price is 2500 yen (tax included).