One of the many consequences of the pandemic is that the big companies had to release their large films in streaming services. While this managed to benefit the numbers of subscribers of different platforms, some filmmakers do not like the idea that the traditional experience of cinema was forgotten. One of these Steven Spielberg, who has expressed his discontent in a recent interview.

In a talk with The New York Times, Spielberg talked about how platforms like HBO Max set aside the filmmakers with the aim of promoting these services during the pandemic. This is what he commented:

Pandemia created an opportunity for transmission platforms to increase their subscriptions at record levels and also threw some of my best filmmakers under the bus, since their films did not premiere without contemplation in theaters. They were paid, and the films were suddenly relegated, in this case, to HBO Max. The case I speak. And then everything began to change.


Recall that in HBO Max we could find movies 45 days after its premiere in the cinema, or even some, like Dune, arrived at this platform at the same time. However, Spielberg considers that, as we return to normal, a balance has been found between these two options for large companies . In related issues, new Harry Potter projects would already be in development. Similarly, here you can see the new John Wick Chapter 4 trailer.

Editor note :

It seems that finding the balance is very complicated, but it is possible. Recall that Disney has a 90-day policy, where after three months, his films arrive at Disney+. Simultaneous premieres days have remained in the past.