[ Moon Byung-soo] Remade Play (CEO Lee Honda) released a special photo of singer LIM Young-woong, who was selected as a promotional model for the ‘Knifing’ series.

This photo is ‘One Pick’, which was selected on the spot of ‘ANI Pang 2’, ‘ANI Pang 3’, ‘ANI Pang 4’, and LIM Young-woong, who will be active in the three series of ‘ANI Pang 2’, ‘ANI Pang 3’, ‘ANI Pang 4’ to be. The photographs selected by company officials and field participants, including the marketing team, are also a scene of the concept of ‘LIM Young-woong who conveys the heart of Knifing’.

Kim Seldom, the Remade Play Marketing Team PM, said, This photo, which is a symbol of Sniping, was enough to give everyone excitement and expectation.

At the shooting site, LIM Young-woong took over 300 photographs with various costumes, expressions, and poses, including cozy sweaters to dandy Han suits, in line with each game contents and concepts such as Sniping 2, Sniping 3, and Sniping 4, which will be active as an exclusive model.

LIM Young-woong, who will be in the first model of the game, said, It was a photo shoot with everyday costume and intimate hearts with accessories, he said. I expect to convey the joy of a comfortable national game to many people.

Remade Play is preparing for official walks through TV, radio and various online channels for major series of Sniping, Sniping 2, Sniping 3, and Sniping 4.