PlayStation has not been exempt from making mistakes during its passage in the video game industry, and one of the most obvious is the All-Stars Battle Royale game, which would simulate being Smash Bros but from Sony. And although many believed that the video game was forgotten, it seems that God of War Ragnarök has brought somewhat distant memories.

Without giving details of the game because they would be Spoilers, at some point Mimic has a unique conversation with Rates, in which the character of the character has been explored since he defeated gods in Greek mythology. However, during the talk they talk about something in particular, and that is its participation in a strange tournament.

This is mentioned in the dialogue:

But in this particular story… I heard that you fought against beasts, bandits, princesses, unafraid, automatons and the greatest musician in history.


There is no way for PS All stars to be Canon #PS5Share, #Godofwarragnarök

This talk is clearly reference for the crossover game that did not end up triumphing. Here characters from Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid, Sly Cooper, JAK and Baxter, Ratchet and Clank, Bios hock, among other guests, among other guests. Which despite his efforts, he failed to have the same impact as Smash Bros, especially for non-convincing game mechanics.

Remember that God of War Ragnarök is available on PS4 and PS5.

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Editor’s note: This is something that surely nobody saw coming due to the failure of the title, it is still fun that Sony does not regret its past so much. I will not lie, it would be interesting to see the return of the saga, but now with interesting mechanics, not like what we saw in PS3 and PS Vita.