As you will remember, Yuri NASA, co-creator of Sonic The Hedgehog, worked for a time at Square Enix, where he was in charge of the direction of Alan Wonder world. However, after a series of conflicts with the company, the developer left his position. Now, totally surprisingly, it has been announced that Yuri NASA has been arrested for an alleged exchange of privileged information.


According to a report by the Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office, it is noted that NASA, due to its position within Square Enix, had privileged information related to the Dragon Quest series. Thus, the developer used this knowledge to buy around 10,000 shares in Aiming Inc., responsible for Dragon Quest TACT.

This mobile game was developed by Aiming Inc, and the report indicates that NASA bought these actions prior to the official revelation of the title. In this way, it has been indicated that the intention of the Sonic co-creator was to wait for the announcement to inflate the value of the company. Together with NASA, Daisuke Safari, former Square Enix, and Umiak Suzuki, partner, partner, were also apprehended.

At the moment there is no statement by Square Enix, and it is unknown how severe the punishment will be for Yuri NASA and the other two people arrested. In related issues, NASA demanded Square Enix due to problems related to Alan Wonder world.

Editor note:

Without a doubt, quite bizarre news. It is something sad that Yuri NASA, who was responsible for good Sonic games, is in this position. Not only Alan Wonder world was a disaster, but has now been arrested for using information that he should not have used.