November 21, one day marked in the calendar of The Legend of Zelda fans, since it is the date that w chosen in 1991 to publish Link to the Pt in SNES and, seven years later, to sell Ocarina of Time. Two historical games, banners in their respective consoles that are separated by 7 years apart. The same ones that the hero of time w locked when he took the mter sword of his pedestal. Chance? No way. Miyamoto and his people knew perfectly what they did.


The moment in which we enter a child link in the temple of time, we raise the sword and take a leap to the future is one of the most iconic in the saga. At that time we did not know what w happening, but we found an adult link, to which a voice, that of Nauru, said the following: You were too young to be the hero of time… so your spirit w locked here For seven years. The wise of the light spoke to Link, but also to you, little player with a link to the pt and what years later, you had grown up in every way.

That space of time between one game and another-something cheater, because there appeared awakening links for game boy-supuse the psage of childhood to adult for many, also marked by the presence of PlayStation and its most mature approach, such and they remembered in Kodak at the time. We did not grow only, but also the stories (Throne Trigger, Final Fanty 6) and the way and strength when telling them (Final Fanty 7). Technological possibilities grew and for a while, in the mid-nineties, we think that video games could only progress with the 3D.

In that context, the great adventure lived little ones in A Link to the pt should become something epic, shocking, that had the ability to make us feel, to equate to the great names that the competition w taking out in CD format. What w previously an explanation in the instruction book (Miyamoto never gave importance to the story, but they were already Manage and Koizumi to remedy it), here they were video scenes and a plot connected with our advances. What w previously a child, now he had to be a young hero willing to do everything. In fact, Adult Link w the first design they made in the Development Study, and it w not, until the end of 97, when Link Child ode Ocarina of Time w shown for the first time and this w integrated into the game.

I wanted to ensure that we had something that w simple to understand at the level of differences, between the world that Link experienced a child and the one he met an adult, Miyamoto said in an interview. Rule’s idyllic image in the first half of Ocarina of Time contrts with darkness 7 years later, perhaps a metaphor of what it means to become greater or, perhaps, something simple the future dominated by Canon in Nintendo 64 w The replica of the dark world of a link to the pt. What w clear is that it w portraying the differences between those two worlds to tell the story of a boy who had grown up. Link or us?

Ocarina of Time and Link to the Pt are different games, but at the same time with many similarities. Both play with two planes (light and dark, present and future), something common in the saga. They bet on the structure inside the general map and dungeons, of progress through objects and equipment that allow to open new paths (typical mechanics in Nintendo games, in Metro id), and even mark the turning point of the adventure In the same place: in a link to the pt, after getting three medallions and the mter sword; In Ocarina of Time, after the three spiritual stones and, yes, take the legendary sword.

7 years separate both deliveries, two of the best games that the Nintendo factory h given. A Link to the Pt w for many our first great adventure. Excellent in everything, in force today. Ocarina of Time, the 3D revolution. Mterpiece and always among those mentioned best at history. It wouldn’t have been like that without the game that preceded him. 7 years before.