The ‘Meta Bus Fire Training’ platform, which is being developed as a government task in Hanbitsoft, will be demonstrated in elementary school for the first time.

According to Hanbitsoft, Megabus fire drills will be held on November 23, 2022, Seoul Pantheon Elementary School in Nowon-gu, Seoul, and Cheongsam Elementary School in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do on November 24. This is to be demonstrated as part of the 2022 Children’s Disaster Safety Training Program. This is the first time that the Meta Bus Program is introduced in children’s disaster safety training.

Children’s disaster safety training is to inspire children’s safety awareness and increase their ability to respond to disasters through field training in preparation for disasters. You will learn your back.

Metals fire drills refers to the fact that the graphic training situation, which is virtually embodied, is encountered through ‘Hold Lens’, an expansion (XR) equipment, and practiced the response method through interactive manipulation according to the guide message. While providing a safe training environment for children, it is expected that it will be able to focus on the training by focusing on training.

This training is evacuated through fire response training using voice and motion recognition technology and fire training simulation. It consists of a fire situation experience and a virtual experience of digestive equipment. Specifically, elementary school students learn how to escape safely and safely escape the situation in which the scientific room alcohol lamps fall and the fire caused by the front line.

In addition to the fire extinguishing fire using fire extinguishers, children directly identify the structure of the school in advance to create an evacuation map and evacuate quickly and quickly according to the route in the event of a disaster. In this process, children are also performing a role in inducing evacuation, fire suppression, emergency medical care, and patient transportation, and training is performed by comprehensively cultivating disaster response, probation and recovery ability.

GU mid-Jan, head of the platform team at Habits Soft Strawberry, said, The meths fire training platform is possible to repeatedly train without time and place, so it can be applied to elementary school students as a constant experience-type safety training. We expect meths fire training to contribute greatly nationally, planting the initial response capabilities that do not miss the golden time.

Meanwhile, Hanbitsoft is participating as an industry-university consortium in the firefighting field of the ‘XR flagship project’, which is promoted by 2023 by the Ministry of Science and ICT, the Korea Information and Communications Industry Promotion Agency, and the Korea Industrial Technology Evaluation Service.

The consortium aims to create an XR-based responsiveness, training and evaluation system for fire safety managers based on actual large fire cases. Earlier, Hanbitsoft received attention by participating in the ‘2022 International Fire Safety Fair’ in August and ‘Korea MetaVerse Festival & K-METAVERSE EXPO 2022’ in October.