As already known, today November 24 is Thanksgiving 2022, the annual celebration of the United States in which the citizens of that country meet to thank for their achievements, whether professionals or sentimental. And every year the Macy’s company prepares a parade in which the largest brands use balloons and allegorical cars for the enjoyment of people.


One of the companies that joined the celebration is Pokémon, this with a beautiful balloon that brings the popular Pikachu & Levee, which apparently go in sled, anticipating the arrival of Christmas. It is worth mentioning that this has been reused, since in the 2021 edition parade, they could also be seen traveling through the heavens.

It is worth commenting, that other famous characters in the entertainment industry have also been part of this, either in the edition in turn or some of the previous ones. Then faces known as Sonic, SpongeBob, Snoopy, Grog, Roku, Kitty, Shrek, among others, have managed to place themselves to provoke smiles to attendees.

Remember that Pokémon’s most recent versions are available on Nintendo Switch.