Gun grave Gore most often requires you to focus on pure destruction, but sometimes it is more than just shooting. One of these tests awaits you at the fifth stage where you are going on the train. Although most of the level is simple, everything becomes tense when you sit on the roof of the train. Here’s how to get this stage in Gun grave Gore

How to get through the train level in Gun grave Gore

To go through the train level in Gun grave Gore, you should avoid railway signs, fighting with enemies. It can be difficult, since your Beyond The Grave hero does not shoot well. There can be no question of rifts on the side, since you can easily fall. This is the biggest problem, since the way out of the train means death. Type this is not enough, at the end of the stage it is necessary to jump from the roof in front of the tunnel. Follow the following steps to survive at the top of the train in Gun grave Gore:

  • When you encounter the waves of enemies, avoid a direct collision with them. Instead, run away and give railway signs to destroy them.

  • Focus on jumping and avoid signs, as they can cause huge damage.
  • Do not come too close to the enemies since many of them are equipped with shotgun who can knock you down from the train.


  • Be careful not to fall from the train!

The biggest problem is at the end where you should jump from the roof before the tunnel appears. Beware of non-contact mines, as the explosion will throw you out of the train. To activate mines, come closer to them, and then run away, but not too far. Repeat this for every min. Before you try to run, kill them from shotguns. After that, use the capacity ability to move forward faster in combination with running and jumping. Thus, you will be able to (in the end) to jump in front of the tunnel.

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