With the preseason running, there are a few days left to start one more season of League of Legends in which there are always many changes. One of the most anticipated moments by the Game Community is the video published by the company giving the presentation of this.


Next, we recapitulate the champions and regions that have come out in each one of the videos of the last seasons of League of Legends since 2018, where Riot decided to enhance this aspect and give more emphasis to the visual part of the game and to the stories behind it.

The champions that have come out in the seasonal videos of League of Legends

  • Segueing, Pantheon, Leona, Kai’SA, Aliyah, Olaf, Oran and Red’SAI (the call, 2022)
  • Senna, Lucian, Iago, Karma, Darius, Samira, Poppy Wayne (Ruination, 2021)
  • Argot, VI, Caitlyn, Lux, Garden, Silas, Gallo, Real and Kai’SA (Warriors, 2020)
  • Join, Camille, Riven, Driven, Relic, Zion, Karma, Alkali, Yahoo and Kennel (Awaken, 2019)
  • Yahoo, Aliyah, Miss Fortune, Lucian, Echo, Blitz crank and Thresh (The Ascent, 2018)

Throughout these last five videos we have seen various champions, almost all different between one video or other, so another list of seven or eight characters will appear in it. If we had to say one of those who could enter, Jinx could be one of them, being one of the classic game shooters and that tells a lot of history behind him.

The regions of League of Legends and the times that some of their characters have entered these videos

Below we show you the various regions that are part of the League of Legends universe, and in which of the following Mob kinematics the same have appeared

  • Ionic (ascent, Awaken and Ruination)
  • Dacia (Warriors and Ruination)
  • Nexus (Awaken and Ruination)
  • AAU (the ascent and warriors)
  • Plover (awaken)
  • Jargon (the call)
  • Shrimp (ascent and call)
  • Record (the call)
  • Shadow island (ascent)
  • Stagnant waters (ascent)
  • Ital (it has not appeared in any)
  • Handle City (it has not yet appeared in any)

Seeing this enumeration, champions like Lulu, Rear, Tristan, Diana or Middle could appear in the new kinematics to give presence to these regions of League of Legends that have not yet had appeared in these videos. To know this answer, we will have to wait a few weeks until Riot publishes one of the most desired videos for the community.