If it was not up until September 22, 2020, to make the most of it with a French location as a perk, 13 sentries: Aegis Rim was undoubtedly released in Japan on November 28, 2019, on PS4. In November 2021, Atlas and Vanilla congratulated themselves on having actually dispersed more than 500,000 video game systems worldwide. With the support of a switch port launched last April, this title with an especially worked situation, lovely and taking control of, now appears to be able to intend for the million sales.


His favorable mouth, but likewise his release on Switch, benefited 13 sentries: Aegis Rim. Regardless of its status as a niche video game, somewhere between the Visual Novel and the strategy game, the story of SF knitted by George Damiani now declares more than 800,000 copies sold worldwide. A level celebrated on the occasion of a program for the 3rd anniversary of Vanillaware’s game.

13 sentries: AEGIS RIM-BANDE-LAUNMENT NOAH (Switch).

Now, only one title of Vanillaware succeeded in this task in the past, particularly the action-RPG Dragon’s Crown which had actually crossed the million on PS3 and PS Vita in September 2017, prior to even basing on PS4 under the name Dragon’s Crown Pro. As for the next title of Vanillaware and Atlas, teased in March 2019, we anticipate news, probably as much as you.