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Ash Ketchums Retirement: The Pokemon Company Reveals What They Will Do Without Ash

After 20 years of journey and friendship, Ash Ketchup and Pikachu, the protagonists of the Pokémon anime series, have decided to step away from their iconic roles. The news was revealed during last week’s Jump Fest, leaving fans wondering what the future holds for the beloved characters. In this article, we will explore what the Pokémon Company has planned in this new era without Ash and Pikachu.

While recently’s Dive Fest included some major news in the anime world for Shōnen series brand-new and old, possibly the biggest statement in the medium was the reveal that Ash Ketchup and Pikachu were seeking to retire as the lead characters of Pokémon’s anime. Prior to the dynamic duo leaves the precious series as the stars, Pokémon is aiming to commemorate their long journey by means of extra anime episodes, in addition to a unique entry called Pocket Monsters: The Far Off Blue Sky which arrives just in time for the holidays as a present to pocket monster fans.


The official statement for the upcoming episode dropping later on today checks out as such from Pokémon’s website:

To celebrate Pokémon’s animated series’ twenty-five-year history, a special episode called Pocket Beast: The Far Off Blue Sky will air on Friday, December 23rd, 2022. We have actually called upon staff from the initial 1997 series to provide us Ash and Pikachu’s regular, big day in a unique episode that’s perfect for the last broadcast of the year.

Goodbye Ash

The production personnel likewise confirmed some of the developers that helmed this task including director Kunihiko Guyana, screenplay writer Shoji Connemara, character designers Saudi CHI’Ishim and Shula Masada, as well as musician Shinji Miyazaki.

The Authorities Twitter Represent Pokémon’s anime series likewise shared brand-new images from the upcoming special which will act as the television show’s final entry for 2022 following the earth-shattering news that Ash and Pikachu’s period as the series leads would be waning:

Are you unfortunate to see Ash and Pikachu lastly leave the series after their twenty-plus-year history? Do you think Like might be related to Ketchup according to the popular fan theory? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments or strike me up straight on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokémon.

Though Ash and Pikachu might be leaving the series as the stars of the program, 2 brand-new fitness instructors are set to take the check Like and Roy. While a couple of details have actually been exposed about these new trainers so far, a popular theory is that the female fitness instructor Like may just be the child of Ash in the future, sporting a hairpin that looks quite familiar to the logo that Ketchup uses on his hat.

Xbox Considers A Game Ps Subscription With Ads

Microsoft h carried out several surveys among its users that seem to see the land for future changes.
In them, the company ks its followers what would seem to pay less for Xbox Game Ps in exchange for some disadvantages, such suffering ads and having to wait six months to enjoy the First Party Games (today available from
It is likely that these initiatives do not materialize, much less in the short term, but the survey makes it clear that the idea is around Microsoft’s head.
The Redmond giant would be closely following the new Netflix or Disney+subscriptions, which will be gradually installed in 2023 and will offer that, a more affordable price in exchange for a smaller catalog, lower image quality and advertisements.
We will see how consumers react and if these proposals have come to stay.

The games that leave Xbox Game Ps on New Year’s Eve

And speaking of Game Ps, we remind you that on January 1, 2023, there will be a disruption and up to 8 games will leave the Microsoft service.


You have until then to give them a taint, finish them or complete them and take out all their achievements.
Special mention for which more than once we have told you that it is the best space exploration game that exists.
Here is the complete list:
Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars
Outer Wilds
Tropic 6
Scarlet Nexus
Secret Neighbor
The Pedestrian

Nintendo Switch Fans Surprised With Two Shadow Drops

Nintendo Switch owners everywhere were surprised to find out that two new games have been released on the platform today, without any prior announcement from a title’s developer or publisher. Find out what these two games are, and how this sudden drop can surprise and excite fans in this article!

Alternatively, Floppy Knights is considerably various from Mortal Shell in its art style and genre. Rather than featuring real-time action, Floppy Knights is a vibrant, turn-based title that likewise features card game elements. This version of the title that has arrived at Switch today likewise contains all of its extra DLC missions to accompany a variety of new cards. And if that wasn’t enough, Floppy Knights is likewise 20% off on Switch from now up until January 1st to commemorate its release.

Nintendo Change owners have today been surprised with not one, however two brand-new shadow drops. If you’re not knowledgeable about the term shadow drop, basically, it’s when new games launch on numerous platforms with no prior warning from a title’s developer or publisher. And while games that arrive in this manner can frequently differ wildly in quality, this duo of new Switch releases need to actually prove to be quite popular.

You can discover trailers and descriptions for each down below if you’d like to learn more about each of these new Switch games.


Readily available now throughout Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Change OLED, the games Mortal Shell: Total Edition and Floppy Knights have actually now arrived at the console-handheld hybrid. First launched in 2020, Mortal Shell is an indie action-RPG that has a lot in typical with FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series. Although it might not be as popular as the Dark Souls trilogy, Mortal Shell has still had the ability to find itself a sizable audience for many years, which has actually just led to designer Cold Symmetry including more content to it with time. With Mortal Shell: Complete Edition on Change, this version of the game includes all DLC that has been launched over the previous few years.

Mortal Shell: Total Edition

Available now across Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Change OLED, the games Mortal Shell: Total Edition and Floppy Knights have now landed on the console-handheld hybrid.

Nintendo Change owners have today been surprised with not one, but two brand-new shadow drops. If you’re not familiar with the term shadow drop, essentially, it’s when brand-new games launch on numerous platforms without any previous caution from a title’s developer or publisher. And while games that get here in this way can often vary wildly in quality, this duo of new Change releases need to really prove to be quite popular.

Fulfill the Floppy Knights: tangible projections summoned from floppy disks! Methods fuse with card video game mechanics as Phoebe and Carlton, a brilliant young inventor & her robot-arm bestie, square off in turn-based fights. Select your Knights, develop your deck, and execute your technique for victory!

Floppy Knights

For the first time, Mortal Shell: Complete Edition brings together all content updates and DLC into one formidable package. Consisted Of in Mortal Shell: Complete Edition is the game-altering Virtuous Cycle growth– a totally new roguelike mode that brings repeatable and random savagery to Fall grim. Also, present is Hadean, once your elusive instructor, now yours to master as Mortal Shell’s fifth posses sable and playable character.

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition likewise includes the Rotten Fall content update, which adds unique Shell shades, a new mini-quest, an effective brand-new photo mode, and an alternative employer fight soundtrack from black metal band Rotting Christ.

Christian Bale Says Hed Like To Play The Role Of Captain America After Chris Evans

After playing the main villain in The Dark Knight trilogy, Christian Bale is now looking to portray a hero in Marvel’s Avengers universe.

Star Christian Bale apparently hasn’t had adequate of Marvel Cinematic Universe.
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actor spoke about his time as a Gore in Thor: Love and Thunder, who started this year.
At that time there was no a lot of moments with the slaughter of the gods.
The statements in the interview now show that Christian Bale would likewise like to have more screen time.
He wants to appear once again in the MCU.


When does it pertain to return?

Naturally, there are presently no concrete prepare for Christian Bale’s return.
As a Gore, the return is excluded-so a brand-new Marvel figure would need to be discovered.
Just like the pledge for the role in Thor: Love and Thunder, the kids of the actor would have a say again at the next MCU look.
In the interview, Bale speaks about the arguments for a resurgence: A great story is an excellent story. Terrific character, excellent director. If it is a fascinating thing and the most essential children don’t prohibit me to do it.
Now the concern occurs whether MCU manager Kevin Face is also interested in Christian Bale’s return.
By the way, if you wish to see Gore: Love and Thunder, you will find the MCU film at Disney Plus because September.
If you wish to hear our viewpoint on Thor 4, the movie criticism is likewise available on our site.
In 2023, we will probably not see Bale in the MCU. The projects have already been switched off.

What’s next in the MCU?

After the Marvel year ended with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the Vacation Special of the Guardians of the Galaxy, on 15.
February 2023 currently the start of stage 5 of the Multive Legend.
Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will start in the cinemas.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Marvels are also planned for next year.
Disney Plus consists of Secret Intrusion, Loki season 2, Iron heart and Echo for 2023.

Source: Entertainment Tonight
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Sony Breathes New Life Into Uncharted

Sony’s most successful game series is uncharted. The studio had to make some changes in order to avoid stagnation and keep the franchise alive. Now, it seems Sony has found a winning formula for the Uncharted series that will help breath new life into it.

Uncharted is among Sony’s most effective series and this is thanks to developer Naughty Dog.
The studio had actually revealed not to continue the series.
Sony has obviously not yet given up the adventures of Nathan Drake.


Uncharted: A reboot for ps5 prepared?

The Uncharted series was completed with Uncharted 4: A Chiefs End and the Spinoff Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.
Overall, the main video game offered more than 16 million times, so the series final can be described as a success.
Nonetheless, Naughty Dog mentioned that the main series was completed after the 4th part.
After the Uncharted film was also a success, it is not unexpected that Sony has actually not yet completed the brand.
According to The Leak, Sony provided the fine to a reboot at Uncharted a long time earlier.
It should be a complete reboot for the PlayStation 5.
Here you can either continue with the experiences of Nathan Drake, or a completely brand-new character is presented (source: The Leak).
By the method, the Uncharted: Tradition of Thieves Collection for the PC just recently appeared:
Trailer for the Uncharted: Tradition of Thieves Collection

New Uncharted probably not from Naughty Pet

However, there is a drop of bitterness, since a new game would not be from Naughty Pet dog.
However, the team should not be totally eliminated, but could support the brand-new studio in the development.
There have actually been no official statements up until now, but a job ad from October 2022 could be an indicator.

We are searching for an intern for game style for the brand-new PlayStation studio in San Diego.
You would establish an interesting brand-new job in a popular franchise together with Naughty Dog (source: NGC).
It is not known whether this task ad is really connected to a new Uncharted video game.
We will keep you up to date.

Dead Island 2: No complete uncut. If the weapons in Dead Island 2 are unpacked compared to zombies, then it

Dead Island 2 is the next entry in the successful Dead Island series. If you think about the first part of the first letter, you will remember that there are not just hordes of zombies and a few humans to fight against them. The weapons used by the protagonist also caused some bloodshed and therefore had to be edited for release in Germany.

While the predecessor was still suggested at the time, Dead Island 2 from the US receives an approval for gamers from 18 years.
As GamesWirtschaft reports, pointing out publisher plain, this does not suggest that the zombie action appears totally uncut in Germany.

If the weapons in Dead Island 2 are unpacked compared to zombies, then it will be incredibly bloody-and likewise in Germany.
The shooter will appear officially in this nation, albeit with an adjustment.

Dead Island 2: Not 100% uncut

In Germany, too, there is no stem in regard to violence: Zombies can be made with many weapons, whether in the international variation, whether near or varied.
There will be no distinctions in this regard.
Just when the zombies are dead and arrive at the ground can you no longer interact with them in the German variation.
Additional mutilation is therefore no longer possible.

Up to this point, the German variation should be identical to the global variation.


The adjustment has a repercussion for the co-op mode of Dead Island 2, since this is not always compatible in between the two variations.

Gamers with the US variation can continue to play with pals who have the uncut version.
The latter must then expect the German variation to restrict the session.
In public matchmaking, however, the US players remain exclusively with each other.

after post movement on an excellent way

Now Dead Island 2 on April 28, 2023, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X |
S appear.
Incidentally, as part of a sneak peek event, we had the ability to have a look at the shooter and inform you our impression.

You still have to be patient up until Dead Island 2 appears if the cuts do not damage the cuts.
The zombie video game was expected to see the light of the world in February 2023, however the developers need more advancement time.

Maximilian Arnold: Offspring must bite


Wolfsburg’s national player Maximilian Arnold has required more resistance from the young German football.
The young players have to learn to bite, said Arnold in an interview by the Pay television station Sky.
Sometimes mindset simply beats quality. I had to exercise a lot, needed to avoid house early and didn’t get whatever, stated the 28-year-old midfielder, who was not chosen for the World Cup in Qatar by nationwide coach Hansi Flick and
had actually shown himself extremely disappointed.
After the brand-new initial round of the German team at the World Cup, a debate about the quality of the youth work broke out in Germany.
It holds true that there are fewer and fewer street footballers, players like Kevin-Prince Boating, said Arnold.
There are a growing number of tactically very trained players. This mindset, this genuine will for success, merely offering more than 100 percent, is ending up being less and less.

Play in Tesla: Steam starts in E

Tesla is always in the headlines and as a Tesla driver, you are used to seeing many new features in your car. In the past we could find Tesla’s latest software update, called Version 8.0, which brought significant changes to the dashboard and navigation system of the car.

Do not be scared of dullness from Tesla chauffeurs: As promised, the carmaker brings the Steam game platform into the electric vehicles and therefore supplies a lot of games.
The current software update likewise brings other apps such as Apple Music.
But there is a huge catch for players.

Christmas present for players: Tesla gets Steam into the electrical cars and truck

With the Tesla Christmas update, Steam is moving in on the e-cars home entertainment system worldwide.
According to Tesla, thousands of video games are readily available that can be played straight in the electric vehicle.
Elon Musk understands the most essential title at the start-in a beta version-himself:
As to be seen in the Tesla video it includes, Cyberpunk 2077 appears to run smoothly-not simply a candy for console gamers.
According to the Tesla manager, you can also play with a mouse and keyboard in the e-cars-but might be unpleasant.
Big choice and Tesla gaming could even bridge the eternal gap between the pc and the console.
If it weren’t for a big catch: Steam does not work on all Tesla e-cars.
The platform or the video games distributed above have high requirements and for that reason just come to the current variations of Model S and Model X. Tesla has actually installed the RDNA 2 GPUs from AMD (source: Engadget) on which the on-board electronics run.
These chips are likewise used in PlayStation 5, for example, and are for that reason equipped to tape-record it with contemporary games.
The mid-range vehicles from Tesla, Model 3 and Design Y, must therefore do without steam.
According to Musk, older designs should likewise get Steam in the future.
The Tesla employer leaves it open whether it has to do with older variations of Design S and Design S and Design 3 and Design Y.
By the way, the video gaming function is shut off during the trip.
Leasing the electrical cars and truck and gathering environmental bonus offer
What you always needed to know about Tesla-but do not dare to ask:
Roofs, pets and vehicles in space: 7 Tesla fun truths sign up for us
on YouTube

Apple Music and more: Tesla update brings lots of new apps

Apple Music subscribers are more fortunate: the app can make it to all Teslas with the upgrade.
If you have an account, you can likewise use the deal in the Tesla in the future.
This develops an old border in between Apple and the vehicle maker.
For many years, the iPhone producer had no interest in opening his music service for Tesla.
It is not the only opening at Apple quickly.
The external material can not be displayed.
In addition, the update zoom needs to concern the Tesla.


Canine owners can monitor their four-legged pal in Dog Mode in the automobile through the app and interior electronic camera and some other functions via mobile phone are likewise new.

How To Get The Clock In Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

While you get through vampire survivors and unlock the profession of the characters and their coordinating weapons and abilities.
They are exposed to different weapons that benefit their course of the video game and enable the use of a weapon that they would probably not think about at.
While most of these weapons focus on a more offending experience, the Clock Lancet is an important, yet distinct addition to the collection.
Instead of triggering damage, this weapon will briefly freeze your opponents and provide you a little more time to leave the masses and make a method out of mayhem.
So if you are looking for a good outcome, read on to discover how you can open the clock lancer.

How to open the clock lancer in Vampire Survivors

The clock lancer is a readily available weapon that can be activated by discovering an promotion throughout a game.
These items are fairly easy to acknowledge since they look like a watch and flash blue and yellow till they are connected, and they only appear when their character reaches level 4.


If you move towards it, the surrounding opponents will freeze for a few seconds.
It does not right away indicate that you have unlocked the clock lancer, you will get a notification that says that you have actually unlocked the weapon as soon as you have actually either played every 30 minutes of a game or lost your whole health.
When used on the battleground, the clock lancer sends out an ice ray in twelve instructions around the player, which moves clockwise one after the other.
These opponents momentarily freeze enemies, however do not cause any damage.

In addition, the clock lancer can develop at the maximum level to the infinite corridor with silver ring and gold ring.
Comparable to the Clock Lancet, it freezes all oncoming enemies, however also halves the health of all opponents on the screen rather of leaving them without damage.
Vampire survivors are now offered on Steam and Xbox Video Game Pass.
– This article was updated on December 16, 2022

Amazon Studios Acquires the Adaptation Rights of Warhammer 40,000

In addition to the War games and Reading Games on the table, the Warhammer 40,000 license is currently readily available generously in video games and Letter Games Workshop adapted likewise punctually in novels, comics or for the small screen, especially in (modest) Animation series
meant for its Warhammer+ platform.


The harsh science fiction universe might nevertheless be declined a lot more broadly to Lavender: Amazon Studios confirms having obtained the international ADAPTATION RIGHTS Warhammer 40,000 Games Workshop, in order to decline the franchise in the kind of series and movies, but likewise obviously
of video games and Anime.
And to make a good measure, Later Henry Cavill is associated with the task.
According to Due date, the project was initiated by the Vertigo Home entertainment Production Home connected with Henry Cavill in order to have the Duration rights of Warhammer 40,000, before sending a partnership in Amazon Studios-which is for that reason accepted by the online commerce giant.
In view of the assembly, Henry Cavill is included not only as a quieter of future War40K Amazon Studios productions around the license, however also as an executive manufacturer.
In other terms, Henry Cavill should have a decision-making power and a creative appearance at future jobs.
And it is certainly not completely trivial with regard to the recent Later actuality: we have successively learned that he left the production of the series The Witcher (Liam Hemsworth uses up the role of the watchman) and he would eventually no longer do the function of superman in the films
DC Comics-So far had actually certainly ensured him about a few weeks ago.
By method of news release, Later indicates that she was an amateur of the Warhammer license considering that he has been a child and that Accord marks a long-standing dream that becomes truth.
Let us bet it likewise to bounce back, in a new Denvergure task, with weight partners and around a popular license, while this time associating guarantees and a particular control over the future of the job.

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