The preservation of certain materials are always important in the world of video games, for that reason the prototype that was announced by the Nintendo PlayStation was already a while ago. And now, Images never seen from Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which were never implemented for the game we know.

Found in an old VHS tape, the media conservative @tanks404 discovered promotional material for the alignment of Nintendo 64, for spring season of 1997. Video in which some preliminary images of the 1998 game are included, with a somewhat different link from the of the final project, but that retains certain elements.

The video shows the character touring some of the possible dungeons that were going to have, they also teach the animation of finding treasures with the characteristic sound that was implemented. In addition, there are the prototypes of the Stalls, enemies that apparently were going to be much larger than the protagonist and apparently of Caricatures co design.

Czech the video:

Only those shown on the screen were only a few seconds, but it is a piece that surely many will want to be in mind, especially because of industry preservation issues. Zelda: Ocarina of Time previously was going to be very different, to the point of having the first link design of NEW titles, something that fortunately changed.

Remember that the title is available in the Nintendo Switch online expansion pass.


Via: Nintendo Life

Editor’s note: This type of released videos can always be seen, as many did not know what the industry was like in the 90s. Thus, little by little, these historical pieces remain for posterity.