Crisis Core is an updated prequel to your beloved Final Fantasy VII.
As in any other game of the franchise, it has familiar enemies, abilities and objects.
Some objects appear with new advantages to correspond to large-scale changes in the combat system introduced into this game.
The feathers appeared in the original Final Fantasy, but in Crisis Core it is used differently.

feathers in Crisis Core

Feather CAP is an item that allows the scenes to increase HP, MP and AP to a three-fold maximum limit.
When the DMW slot machine increases your health, magic or abilities, it usually doubles the standard maximum.
When wearing Feather Cap, these advantages can triple your statistics if the slot machine operates in your favor.
DMW will be regular, but randomly reward you with a break in any or in all three main characteristics.


Feather Cap simply gives this random system the opportunity to give you a much higher payment.
This is a significant advantage, but if you do not see advantages, you can throw it into the merger of matter to add 10% HP to the crewed.
There are two main places where you can find Feather Cap.
You can find it in a chest in the 4-3-2 mission: destruction of advanced elements.
Otherwise, you may encounter a magic pot in the mission 10-2-3.
He will ask you to use Jump, Fire, Gravity and Assault Twister.
He will give you Feather Cap if you do as he asks.
Put it and reap the fruits of this random triple benefit.
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