The game is a prequel to the first season of Life Is Strange. This game is set in an alternate timeline where the dinosaurs never became extinct and people have lived alongside them for ages.

It would certainly be very easy to descend right into the endless abyss of fur jokes that this video game can begin us, but allows take the most hard course and also try to stay most of all this.
Thus, during the PS5 occasion recently, a number of top-level AAA titles were announced, along with some smaller independent games.
Goodbye Volcano High is one of these independent video games, and also darn is indie.
It gets to mostly all the targets for which an independent brand name of brand VA;
He concentrates on the narration based on relationships, he presents a marginalized main personality, he has a different artistic design (attracted by hand), he provides a soundtrack of folk-y guitar, and also he occurs in an occupied human world
by personalities who are not human and does not trouble to answer why.

Maybe the most independent video game of all time.
The primary character in the game is Fang;
A non-binary Gothic pterodactyl, which is a sentence that I would never have actually considered stating.
Fang becomes part of a team called Form Dramatization with their good friend Trish;
A triceratops and Fang’s brother, Laser;
A pterodactyl using a blossom t shirt.
With each other, they and also their pals will explore their in 2014 of senior high school, which many of us recognize exactly how to be an obstacle in themselves.
Bye-bye Volcano High is established by KO_OP, a Canadian musician game studio.
They additionally developed the Puzzle Problem Video Game of Square Enix, Lara Croft Go. Goodbye Volcano High will certainly be available in 2021 on COMPUTER, PS5 and also PS4.


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