Last week it was special for Kolyma Productions fans, since the second part of the company’s flagship video game, Death Stranding was confirmed during The Game Awards.
And while all this was not enough, it has just been announced a couple of minutes ago that the franchise will have its own movie in the pure Hollywood style.
The company was associated with Hammer stone Studios of Barbarian EP Alex Ebonics to develop and produce a film adaptation of the first game.
The film, fully funded by Hammer stone, will be produced by Kolyma and Ebonics through their respective posters, with Kolyma Productions Us and Allan Unbar as executive producers.
The plot of the project, which marks the first film adaptation of Kolyma Productions, remains secret.
But it is mentioned that it will introduce new elements and characters within the universe.
It is not clear who will write and direct the movie, but it is obvious that Kolyma will help a lot, since he has always wanted to be a filmmaker.
This mentioned Kolyma regarding the tape:

I couldn’t be more excited about this new association with Hammer stone Studios.
This is a crucial moment for the franchise and I really want to collaborate with them to carry Death Stranding to the big screen.
Ebonics’s comment:
We are excited and honored to have the opportunity to associate with the brilliant and iconic Video Kolyma in his first film adaptation.
Unlike other large-budget video games adaptations, this will be something much more intimate and grounded.

Our goal is to redefine what could be an adaptation of a video game when you have creative and artistic freedom.
This film will be a real production of Video Kolyma.
It still has no release date and neither confirmed cast.
Via: Deadline
Editor’s note: This is a big surprise to finish the year, since fans want to resurface Kolyma, so it is now confirmed will be more busy than ever.


It is in three video games and now in a movie.