While you get through vampire survivors and unlock the profession of the characters and their coordinating weapons and abilities.
They are exposed to different weapons that benefit their course of the video game and enable the use of a weapon that they would probably not think about at.
While most of these weapons focus on a more offending experience, the Clock Lancet is an important, yet distinct addition to the collection.
Instead of triggering damage, this weapon will briefly freeze your opponents and provide you a little more time to leave the masses and make a method out of mayhem.
So if you are looking for a good outcome, read on to discover how you can open the clock lancer.

How to open the clock lancer in Vampire Survivors

The clock lancer is a readily available weapon that can be activated by discovering an promotion throughout a game.
These items are fairly easy to acknowledge since they look like a watch and flash blue and yellow till they are connected, and they only appear when their character reaches level 4.


If you move towards it, the surrounding opponents will freeze for a few seconds.
It does not right away indicate that you have unlocked the clock lancer, you will get a notification that says that you have actually unlocked the weapon as soon as you have actually either played every 30 minutes of a game or lost your whole health.
When used on the battleground, the clock lancer sends out an ice ray in twelve instructions around the player, which moves clockwise one after the other.
These opponents momentarily freeze enemies, however do not cause any damage.

In addition, the clock lancer can develop at the maximum level to the infinite corridor with silver ring and gold ring.
Comparable to the Clock Lancet, it freezes all oncoming enemies, however also halves the health of all opponents on the screen rather of leaving them without damage.
Vampire survivors are now offered on Steam and Xbox Video Game Pass.
– This article was updated on December 16, 2022