Tesla is always in the headlines and as a Tesla driver, you are used to seeing many new features in your car. In the past we could find Tesla’s latest software update, called Version 8.0, which brought significant changes to the dashboard and navigation system of the car.

Do not be scared of dullness from Tesla chauffeurs: As promised, the carmaker brings the Steam game platform into the electric vehicles and therefore supplies a lot of games.
The current software update likewise brings other apps such as Apple Music.
But there is a huge catch for players.

Christmas present for players: Tesla gets Steam into the electrical cars and truck

With the Tesla Christmas update, Steam is moving in on the e-cars home entertainment system worldwide.
According to Tesla, thousands of video games are readily available that can be played straight in the electric vehicle.
Elon Musk understands the most essential title at the start-in a beta version-himself:
As to be seen in the Tesla video it includes, Cyberpunk 2077 appears to run smoothly-not simply a candy for console gamers.
According to the Tesla manager, you can also play with a mouse and keyboard in the e-cars-but might be unpleasant.
Big choice and Tesla gaming could even bridge the eternal gap between the pc and the console.
If it weren’t for a big catch: Steam does not work on all Tesla e-cars.
The platform or the video games distributed above have high requirements and for that reason just come to the current variations of Model S and Model X. Tesla has actually installed the RDNA 2 GPUs from AMD (source: Engadget) on which the on-board electronics run.
These chips are likewise used in PlayStation 5, for example, and are for that reason equipped to tape-record it with contemporary games.
The mid-range vehicles from Tesla, Model 3 and Design Y, must therefore do without steam.
According to Musk, older designs should likewise get Steam in the future.
The Tesla employer leaves it open whether it has to do with older variations of Design S and Design S and Design 3 and Design Y.
By the way, the video gaming function is shut off during the trip.
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What you always needed to know about Tesla-but do not dare to ask:
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Apple Music and more: Tesla update brings lots of new apps

Apple Music subscribers are more fortunate: the app can make it to all Teslas with the upgrade.
If you have an account, you can likewise use the deal in the Tesla in the future.
This develops an old border in between Apple and the vehicle maker.
For many years, the iPhone producer had no interest in opening his music service for Tesla.
It is not the only opening at Apple quickly.
The external material can not be displayed.
In addition, the update zoom needs to concern the Tesla.


Canine owners can monitor their four-legged pal in Dog Mode in the automobile through the app and interior electronic camera and some other functions via mobile phone are likewise new.