Dead Island 2 is the next entry in the successful Dead Island series. If you think about the first part of the first letter, you will remember that there are not just hordes of zombies and a few humans to fight against them. The weapons used by the protagonist also caused some bloodshed and therefore had to be edited for release in Germany.

While the predecessor was still suggested at the time, Dead Island 2 from the US receives an approval for gamers from 18 years.
As GamesWirtschaft reports, pointing out publisher plain, this does not suggest that the zombie action appears totally uncut in Germany.

If the weapons in Dead Island 2 are unpacked compared to zombies, then it will be incredibly bloody-and likewise in Germany.
The shooter will appear officially in this nation, albeit with an adjustment.

Dead Island 2: Not 100% uncut

In Germany, too, there is no stem in regard to violence: Zombies can be made with many weapons, whether in the international variation, whether near or varied.
There will be no distinctions in this regard.
Just when the zombies are dead and arrive at the ground can you no longer interact with them in the German variation.
Additional mutilation is therefore no longer possible.

Up to this point, the German variation should be identical to the global variation.


The adjustment has a repercussion for the co-op mode of Dead Island 2, since this is not always compatible in between the two variations.

Gamers with the US variation can continue to play with pals who have the uncut version.
The latter must then expect the German variation to restrict the session.
In public matchmaking, however, the US players remain exclusively with each other.

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Now Dead Island 2 on April 28, 2023, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X |
S appear.
Incidentally, as part of a sneak peek event, we had the ability to have a look at the shooter and inform you our impression.

You still have to be patient up until Dead Island 2 appears if the cuts do not damage the cuts.
The zombie video game was expected to see the light of the world in February 2023, however the developers need more advancement time.