Microsoft h carried out several surveys among its users that seem to see the land for future changes.
In them, the company ks its followers what would seem to pay less for Xbox Game Ps in exchange for some disadvantages, such suffering ads and having to wait six months to enjoy the First Party Games (today available from
It is likely that these initiatives do not materialize, much less in the short term, but the survey makes it clear that the idea is around Microsoft’s head.
The Redmond giant would be closely following the new Netflix or Disney+subscriptions, which will be gradually installed in 2023 and will offer that, a more affordable price in exchange for a smaller catalog, lower image quality and advertisements.
We will see how consumers react and if these proposals have come to stay.

The games that leave Xbox Game Ps on New Year’s Eve

And speaking of Game Ps, we remind you that on January 1, 2023, there will be a disruption and up to 8 games will leave the Microsoft service.


You have until then to give them a taint, finish them or complete them and take out all their achievements.
Special mention for which more than once we have told you that it is the best space exploration game that exists.
Here is the complete list:
Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars
Outer Wilds
Tropic 6
Scarlet Nexus
Secret Neighbor
The Pedestrian