With the popularity of video games ever-increasing, it’s no surprise that one game is making a huge splash in the gaming world. High on Life, an Xbox Game Pass title, has taken the gaming industry by storm and is being hailed as the number 1 game of 2022. In this article, we’ll look at why High on Life is so popular, the benefits of having it on Xbox Game Pass and what makes it stand out from its competitors.

As we have actually already reported, High on Life leads the Xbox Live top lists of the most played games in the Xbox Video Game Pass.
Microsoft has now officially revealed that High on Life is the most effective title in the Xbox Video Game Pass.
High up on Life is the biggest publication in the Xbox Video game Pass year 2022 and the largest 3rd parlor game pass launch of perpetuity.
However, that’s not all, because High on Life is also the most effective single player launch in the Xbox Video Game Pass of all time.
This was the very first time that we introduced a game with Game Pass on the marketplace, states Mike Gridley, Studio Director and Coo from Squinch Games, and we are overwhelmed by the response of the gamers who are the most popular game
on Game passport.
When Squinch Games was founded, it was our objective to play the video games we wished to play-and Video game Pass helps us to reach the players who want to play these games.

High on Life is an extremely unique title that we have actually been eagerly anticipating for a long time, says Matt Percy, General Supervisor of Material Preparation at Xbox.


It is great to see that numerous Video game Pass members plunge into the video game to experience the story of Squinch prior to the holidays.
You can download or buy it here from the Microsoft Store to further support the designers if you want to try the video game.