The release of Atomic Heart is scheduled for February 21 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One.

Because we had the ability to take it in hand during a big 4-hour session, Atomic Heart has been positioned as one of the most expected video games of this beginning of 2023. Established by the Russian studio Sunfish, this FPS in the huge air
From Bios hock under amphetamine is back with a huge gameplay video, detailed and commented on by its developers.


Whatever is explained, from the history of this Dystopian Soviet Union of the 1950s (where Buchanan’s creations made it possible to see an age of technological prosperity for Soviet Union), to the ambidextrous gameplay where our soldier has the ability to open fire
And to utilize his powers through his robotic and linked left arm.

The different opponents, whether corrupt robots or creatures out of speculative laboratory, are likewise provided, in addition to weapons, possible developments, without forgetting the concerns that await us.