Since WoW: Legion, Legion can earn unique skins for their artifact weapon and other color variations for artifact weapons.
The quest has it all.

An overall of 20 actions need to be completed.
These include time-consuming jobs such as unleashed beasts, fame of the hero of Legion and keystone master.
Since Legion, players have desired the balance of the forces to be opened across the account so that all characters get the special artifact weapons skins.
The designers of Blizzard have heard the reputation of the gamers over six years later and make the success of the strength of the forces with spot 10.0.7 from Dragon flight Account throughout!

all benefits en route to balance of the forces in account

From the patch notes for patch 10.0.7 from WoW (buy now): Dragon Flight:
Products and Benefits
The Balance of Power Quest line Artifact Appearance Benefits are now account.
After Unlocking the Base Appearance, The Criteria for Additional Color Variants (Search as the Glory of the Legion Hero and Released Monstrosities Achievements) Might Be Completed on Any Character to Earn the Appearances.
For instance, complete the requirements for specific color variations on your hunter, so be opened on your priests that on the very same account.
In the main WoW Forum, Community Supervisor Lindy discusses that with WoW Spot 10.0.7 the artifact weapons templates are unlocked over the balance of the forces throughout the account.
The prerequisite is the activation of the standard art phony weapon on the particular character.
The additional color versions about the successes pointed out at the starting such as popularity of the hero of Legion will be account-wide.


If you meet the requirements for certain color variations on your hunter, for example, they will also be activated on your priest, which is situated on the same account.
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