A new date for the most important Mexican competition begins, the division of honor in its day number 7 had great clashes between the teams that are competing to seek to reach the pointer of the table that Plant, on the past dates we have had a great performance of
Some teams, but this day is key in many ways for them.
Starting with the confrontation between Others against Leviathan with both squads showing a very similar aggressive style that keeps them tied during the game until we see the lack of control of ball with his Lucian to punish the surprise Caitlyn Support that played the sea dragon squad, in this way the team of the snakes takes out the bite and the triumph in their favor.


For the second duel we have Even Esports against Plant with a positive beginning for the horde that manages
Several occasions things paint with the color of victory for them getting the undefeated.
In the third Duel Tomorrow Esports he faces The Kings Moon, being the team of the Kings the team that still does not know the victory, but this day presented three changes in his alignment that benefited him in a good way to be able to express a different temper with a Kobe that
He becomes a pillar of the meeting to consolidate the confrontation on his side and take the first victory for them.

Continuing with Peek Gaming’s departure against 19 eSports we see a favorable situation on the 19-side that makes a difference from the beginning of the meeting to give good resources to Virus who demonstrates his ability with Virus to end the life of the opponents on several occasions on several occasions, being a fight for the Baron of Nash or that ends the encounter with a better positioning of 19 that gives them victory.
With this day after we saw great surprises inside the table but the team that continues on the tip without knowing the defeat is Plant who continues to demonstrate a great level as a squad, on the other hand, 19 eSports continues in second place but exciting the fanatic
Each game that disputes, we will see what happens during the next day because the Human Rights reached the middle of the split.